The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

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The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:17 am

"Money is capricious"

Council Directive 1524

Proposal: The Seitokai shall seek more funds to renovate the Seitokai Room.
Proposed by: Nakamura Yuri
Consent: Sanzen'in Nagi, Oreki Hōtarō, Lelouch Lamperouge, Hikigaya Hachiman
Dissent: None
Abstain: Tokisaki Kurumi


*One peaceful day in Seitokai Room...*

Yuri: Sigh... The second period is almost over and nothing good has come from us. :onion12:

Hōtarō: I can see that, Nakamura-san. You have punished quite a lot of the staff for their mistakes. And of course, that made the Seitokai's reputation drop.

Yuri: So, you mean that it was solely 'MY' fault in punishing them? They deserved it!

Hōtarō: Alright... alright... calm down. Forget about those punishments because we got something important to discuss right now. Lamperouge-san, please.

Lelouch: Ahem... As you already know, there is an annual habit for the ISML Seitokai to renovate the room, like changing the room wallpaper or just repainting it, replacing the old furniture, or ordering a big-framed-picture of our President...

Yuri: Wait! What's that? We never had it before.

Lelouch: This is a request from ..ahem.. "someone" and I can't tell the person's name.

Yuri: Sigh... Whatever, please continue and make it simple.

Lelouch: Okay... The point is that we need to do this as soon as possible because "someone" said our room is already old-fashioned.

Yuri: "Someone" again? I want to know who he or she is.

Lelouch: Unfortunately, I can't say anything about that.

Yuri: Huh? Somehow, our discussion becomes weirder and weirder. Then, what's the matter? Just do it! :onion48:

Lelouch: I don't know how to put this.

Hachiman: Considering our current financial condition, the renovation is impossible. That's what he wanted to say.

Lelouch: Thank you Hikigaya-san. That's the problem, Nakamura-san.

Yuri: Hmm... How much ICS are left at our treasury?

Lelouch: Exactly 9999.

Yuri: That much and still not enough?

Lelouch: I'm afraid, yes.

Yuri: Have you calculated the real cost?

Lelouch: Oreki-san and I have made the calculation about the expenditure of this project.

*Lelouch hands over the document to Yuri, titled "Seitokai Renovation: Better Place, Better Work".*


Yuri: You already named the project?

Lelouch: That's Hikigaya-san's idea.

*Yuri opens the document and read it throughly, until...*

Yuri: WHAT..!! F-FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND? :onion1: Oh God, I want to die.

Lelouch: Don't die, Nakamura-san.

Yuri: Of course I won't! This list is just... Arghh.. I can't accept this proposal.

Lelouch: But, why? Is there something wrong with my calculation?

Yuri: Something wrong? All of it is wrong!! 20,000 for a sofa or 10,000 for a simple chair and wait, 100,000 just for 'her' picture?

Lelouch: I believe they are the right numbers. "Someone" gave me the location of the store along with a note and it said that the store is the best in town.

Yuri: What kind of store would sell those expensive items? Have you checked the other shops?

Lelouch: That's unnecessary. I have seen the store and it's amazing; Those fluffy carpets, those beautiful crystal lamps and lots of fine items there. Mr. Someone sure has a good taste to recommend this store.

Yuri: President, say something!

Nagi: Don't disturb me, Yuri! I'm still drawing, do whatever you like. I shall agree to them.

Yuri: Huh..?!? That's all? Arghh... FINE! I have a plan, LISTEN!

Lelouch, Hōtarō, Hachiman: YES MAAAMM!!

Yuri: There's no other way. Let's collect some ICS from the forum members.

Lelouch, Hōtarō, Hachiman: HEEEEE...!!!!

Hachiman: Are you sure? That's too cruel, Nakamura-san. There is no good coming from this idea and I believe you won't dare to sacrifice the Seitokai's reputation for this.

Lelouch: Let me give you a real picture of our condition now. We have 1360 members now. If you take 10 ICS from them, you have an additional 13,600 ICS. If you take 50 ICS from them, you have 68,000. Do you want to tax 100 ICS from them? That's impossible. There will be a riot.

Yuri: Then, do you have any better ideas? Say it!

*Suddenly Nagi stands from her chair.*

Nagi: Hayate, let's go. I've finished the drawings.

Hayate: Yes, ojou-sama.

*Yuri moves from her place, trying to stop Nagi.*

Yuri: Wait, Nagi! Don't run from your job here! :onion38:

Nagi: I need to go now. Get out of my way!

Yuri: We haven't finished yet. Where are you going?

Nagi: I need to calm my mind for my next masterpiece.

Hayate: In other words, Ojou-sama needs to rest right now.

*Speechless, Yuri gave up and let Nagi leave the room.*

Hayate: Excuse us.

*Nagi and Hayate leave the room, but the rest are still in the room. Shortly thereafter, someone knocked at the door...*


Yuri: Come in.

*The door is opened and they see Hayate behind the door.*

Yuri: Ah Hayate-kun. Something that you've left behind?

Hayate: Pardon for the intrusion. I just want to give something to you.

Yuri: What is it?

*Hayate hands over an envelope to Yuri.*

Yuri: An envelope?

Hayate: Yes, that's from ojou-sama. She said that it will solve your problem. I need to get back to her now, excuse me.

*Hayate left and everybody got curious about this envelope.*

Lelouch: Open it, Nakamura-san! He said it will solve our problems.

Yuri: Okay, let's open this.

*Yuri slowly rips off the envelope and takes out something from the inside.*

Yuri: What are these? A small paper and a note. Let's see the note... She said, "that small paper is the answer to your problem, do what you like with it." What kind of note is that?

Lelouch: Nakamura-san, please take a look. That's a cheque, and it isn't just that. IT'S A BLANK CHEQUE!

Yuri: What's special with this thing?

Lelouch: You can write any number on it because it's already signed by the President.

Yuri: A-any numbers? Are you sure?

Lelouch: Yes. Something wrong, Nakamura-san?

Yuri: Ha... Haha... Hahahaha... Hahahahaha...!!! Lelouch! Take a pen and write the numbers on that cheque.

Lelouch: It’s five hundred thousand, right?

Yuri: Of course not! I have an idea and it will be interesting. I'll show her who is the real boss here, hahaha...!!! So, make it a million, please!

Lelouch, Hōtarō, Hachiman: W-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!

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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by kanohistorm » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:22 am

"Seitokai Renovation: Better Place, Better Work"
I was hoping they would sneak revolution in there =/
spoiler alert :3
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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by smartboyhw » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:25 am

kanohistorm wrote:
"Seitokai Renovation: Better Place, Better Work"
I was hoping they would sneak revolution in there =/
500000 ICS is for this. As for the REMAINING 500000....

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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by Reverend » Wed Aug 17, 2016 3:29 am

I smell corruption...
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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by BugH » Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:52 pm

I smell betrayal...
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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by Bastion » Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:57 pm

Smells like lemon to me :-P
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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by Chibasa » Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:49 pm

smartboyhw wrote:
kanohistorm wrote:
"Seitokai Renovation: Better Place, Better Work"
I was hoping they would sneak revolution in there =/
500000 ICS is for this. As for the REMAINING 500000....
Remaining 500000 are for Teals, we all know you're a loan avaricious shark !
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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by LeaderMagnet » Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:37 am

Lol. Best Seitokai ever.
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Re: The Riches Seitokai? (CD 1524)

Post by Rupy » Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:03 pm

Corruption, corruption everywhere XD
coming soon
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