A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

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A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:56 pm

Council Directive 1534

Proposal: Hereby we, the Seitokai, announce the winner of Divine Circlet Poster Contest 2017. (go to spoiler for announcement)
Proposed by: Yona
Consent: Shirogane Kei
Dissent: Finé
Abstain: Miyamori Aoi, Azuki Azusa, Edogawa Conan

Witness: Higashikata Jousuke (sort of,) Sakamoto

On an uneventful afternoon...

Midori: Kaichou, the result for 2017 Divine Circlet Poster Contest has arrived.

Fine: Here let me see it.

Shiroe: I assume we have to do a celebration for this, again, like last last time?

Yona: Heeeehhhhh tiring! Can we just sticky this on a board or something and let people see for themselves?

Fine: We can't, Yona. That would be disrespectful.

Yona: Nah I don't think they would mind.

Fine: Nope! We're going to hold an award celebration, as usual. Shiroe-kun, I will leave matters in your capable hands.

Shiroe: As you command, Ma'am!

That night...

Yona: Ehehe I'm too lazy for this, so I'll just steal it and post it tonight! I've acquired Sakamoto-san's service. His wisdom, keen sight, and agility as a cat should help in our endeavor.

Sakamoto: Oi, Yona-chan, are you sure this is okay?

Yona: Oh Sakamoto-san! Nah I'm sure this is fine. All the contestants are busy with their own lives, anyway. Now if I can just open this door quietly...


Yona: Done. Now the result... where is it? I'm pretty sure we left it on the table...

Sakamoto: Yona-chan, Yona-chan...

Yona: Yes?

Sakamoto: That...


Yona: ... Shiroe-san had anticipated this, huh? Or is it Fine?

Sakamoto: Look, near the window.

*Across the room, next to the sofa where Jousuke is sleeping, on the sill, is a folder where the posters are inside*

Yona: Let me snatch that.


*Jousuke punches in his sleep, and the shockwave hits the one of the table foot, destroying it (and subsequently, the table)*

Yona: .... this guy. -_-

Sakamoto: You stay right there, Yona-chan. Let me get it. A cat's paws make less noise when walking.

Yona: Thank you, Sakamoto-san.

Sakamoto: Now, if I can just climb into the sofa without waking him up...

*Sakamoto sneaks up the sofa, jumps onto the sill, and snatches the folder with his mouth*

Yona: Good job, Sakomoto-san! I'll get you an extra can of fish, later.

Sakamoto: Really? YAY!

Yona: Sshh-

Jousuke: Shut up!

*Jousuke punches the air again. This time, the shockwave breaks the window and sends Sakomoto flying. He manages to get his paws gripped just before he falls*

Yona: Sakomoto-san!

Sakamoto: *while holding the result on his mouth* Down, down!

*Yona immediately rushes downstair*

Sakamoto: Catch!

*Sakamoto releases his bite on the result, the folder falls and hits Yona in the head*

Yona: Uguu~

Sakamoto: Yona-san, look out!

*Sakamoto drops himself, and barely misses Yona*

Yona: Sakamoto-san!

Sakamoto: Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm a cat. *stands up, one of his leg seems twisted*

Yona: Jousuke that guy... Let's treat that leg, first. Then we'll post this posters.

Sakamoto: No need, I'm fine, I told you.

Yona: No! That leg clearly is not fine! Let's go to the health room. I'll get that patched up.


*The next morning, everyone finds the winning posters stickied on the announcement board*

Fine: *angrily* Yona!

Yona: Kiii-

Shiroe: Madame President, I think this should be fine as it is. After all, people today are usually too busy to attend a ceremony in person. Yona-san also did a decent job herself. Maybe if we can get a few proper artistic comments for the posters, it may work.

Fine: -_- Heh, if you say so, then, Shiroe-kun. Yona! You will take responsibility and contact all the judges for the comments!

Yona: Y-yes. Conan, please help.

Conan: This better be good.
Poster Contest WinnerShow
Category: Saten Ruiko

SR04 from wakamurasaki
Comments: The editor chose a good background to go with Saten. The effects could be toned down a tad
Category: Minami Kotori

MK08 (XxPurple-CrystalxX)
Comments: A very gorgeous and vibrant poster. The background fits perfectly with the render used.
Category: Kirima Sharo

KS05 (XxPurple-CrystalxX)
Comments: Good choice of picture. Perhaps a little bit too bright.
Category: Hiiragi Shinoa

HS09 (WankoMC)
Comments: A Mysterious yet alluring poster. It stood out by, and probably benefited from, showing the dark side of the character when most of other posters tried to emphasize the cute side of the character. Might have been made better with some touch-ups that removed some of the dark spots while making the character as if emerging out of the background instead of seeming being engulfed by it.
Category: Inuyasha

IY03 (XxPurple-CrystalxX)
Comments: The race for Inuyasha was close. This poster probably won because more voters felt this to be more natural feeling with good blending of background and character, while letting us see the character from the front at a good size. Some minor effects added to give a hint of complexity of the character might have improved it bit more.
Category Komaeda Nagito

KN04 (WankoMC)
Comments: Another dark yet alluring poster that was viewed favorably by the voters. Its strong point, yet perhaps its limitation, is that the clear image of the character is the obvious focus, along with showing how the character casually embraces deadly force. The knife may be a detraction, thus might have been better removed or slightly altered.
Category: Nakajima Atsushi

NA01 (XxPurple-CrystalxX)
Comments: Compared to the other poster submitted in this category, the character receives better focus and the dynamic aspect is emphasized. It might have been interesting if different coloration or backgrounds were experimented with.
Category: Kiriyama Rei

KR01 (WankoMC)
Comments: Unfortunately, our only Kiriyama Rei submission made by initial deadline. But it's okay because this poster stands out even among other posters. The added sakura petals don't look too out of place if you don't squint too hard. But this poster conveys quite a sense of tranquility.
Judges Choices

KS02 (Miran Froaude)
Comments: Judge 1- A very pretty poster. The background fits perfectly and the lighting is gorgeous. Sharo could be a little better blended into the background but other than that, this poster is beautiful.
Judge 2 - Good choices of pictures (Sharo and background) with effective use of effects
Comments: Very simple but beautiful. I wish she were a little closer to the center though. I'm not sure if the Sharo here was taken from a render but if it was, kudos for selecting a very fitting background.
KN05 (XxPurple-CrystalxX)
Comments: A poster that effectively portrayed positive side of the character. A better contrast of colors in the background may have made the poster be more noticed by the voters
Popular Choices

SR03 (Vanilla)
Comments: Very interesting and attractive image that shows classy side of the character people sometimes forget about. Slightly hurt by the blue effects, as it's not feeling integrated to the poster
SR02 (Miran Froaude)
Comments: Very pleasant to look at. There isn't an overwhelming barrage of effects that distracts the viewer from her smile.
O V E R A L L W I N N E R MK08 (XxPurple-CrystalxX)
Comments: This poster stood out from the rest as it conveyed clear feeling of celebration of winning something big, which fits the pretext of the contest. It is a glorious work of art that has power to change people's opinion about the character.

Seal of Approval


Comments: SAKAMOTO!!!



Vice President of Relation

ps.: Yona, where's my can of fish!? - Sakamoto

Here Kitty - Tachibana Kanade


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Re: A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by IGNITE » Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:04 pm

Forum Submissions: 10/13 (76.92%)
XxPurple-CrystalxX 5
WankoMC 3
Vanilla 1

Tieba Submissions: 3/13 (23.08%)
Miran Froaude 2
wakamurasaki 1
Credit to the pixiv artistsShow
Main Tournament
Yukinoshita Yukino326091352165451
Tokisaki Kurumi5911903916154485
Riku Dola667141618024084
Okabe Rintarō5224903426711
Tōsaka Rin5394878212739740
Ayanokōji Kiyotaka69618131298993
Shiota Nagisa66081447101605488293140699
Takasu Ryūji6225557116154485
Yuigahama Yui6207723511270864
Emiya Kiritsugu7126293116154485
Tomori Nao7632540716601961
Otonashi Yuzuru640692856451805
Eren Yeager794924892053329
Otosaka Yū7291321816154485
Aisaka Taiga7731598216823482
Agatsuma Zenitsu6244937024185901
Ōmae Kumiko418097224906112
Totsuka Saika382853286559742
Ōji Mochizō7731598216823482
Akemi Homura681265149790122
Tomioka Giyū50226623 2165451
Kaneki Ken7596108310160
Kochō Shinobu783439088024084
Misaki Mei50353806809485
Kōsaka Reina7731598216823482
Sakata Gintoki74214546 202175
Akabane Karma64981051 16154485
Fukube Satoshi67335608 4127417
Akasaka Ryūnosuke56342769 211515
Doma Taihei71622362 4127417
Doma Umaru57383889 373498
Asada Shino676994592165451
Gokou Ruri761277508024084
Hikigaya Hachiman6341779311270864
Katou Megumi694303588024084
Oreki Houtarou592253551511752
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Re: A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by Toady » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:44 pm

Thank you to Sakamoto and Yona to bring us this result in such a... fashionable way. Dealing with Jotaro's Stand is never easy!

Congrats to all the winners! Purple is being the star again, but Wanko shows he doesn't only have hax skills, but also very good art skills! I'm happy IGNITE and Vanilla could get a price too!
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Re: A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by Vanilla » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:03 pm

Title is very #NSFW... Congrats to all the winners...
For my own poster... I didn't see those blue effects until I got back on my main PC, laptop screen is so bad T-T - Thanks for all the votes nyaa!
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Re: A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by exec » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:13 pm

Also I don't agree on some of the criticism on KS01.
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Re: A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by Chibasa » Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:57 pm

*paws winners*
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Re: A Cat is fine too (CD 1534)

Post by kukimunstir » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:03 am

congrats everynyan! they are very prettyy
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