RESULTS: 2013 Exhibition 7

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Re: RESULTS: 2013 Exhibition 7

Post by kuuderes_shadow » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:01 pm

Both Kyoukai no Kanata characters won. It's official - the autumn tournament is a joke.
The wrong KamiNai girl won, and Ayaya lost, which is sad, though I didn't watch Danganronpa or Neptune so I can't really comment on it.

Male tournament has taken an interesting turn though, and opens up the possibility of a Levi vs Accelerator semi-final, which would be a real treat.
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Let's see how long they last... Ones marked with stars are in RS.
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Re: RESULTS: 2013 Exhibition 7

Post by RichardJoash » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:55 pm

Team Rocket Elite wrote:They were champions at one point but it seems their time has passed. Lelouch did about as well as he could have against a supercharged Accelerator but I think Kirito had a chance to beat Izayoi. He was close but Izayoi won in the end. The other two matches pretty much went as I expected them to. I guess after a few years of matches my stats finally have some grasp over how strong the male characters are.

Noire nearly gets knocked off by Febri. That's a pretty questionable performance. Maybe the Railgun fanbase loves Febri a lot more than Saten but that doesn't feel right to me. Saten is probably stronger now but she wasn't that strong before. Noire might not be all that strong either. So while Nepgear looked good in her match, it's possible that's because everyone in her group isn't that strong. I can't see Tomoka falling off a cliff when she got a new season so it seems the Rozen Maiden characters have improved by quite a bit. If they were fighting for Nova positions instead of Stella, they may even have a shot at the regular season. Kyouko looked great in her match. I have her as the favourite to win the Summer division right now.

Ohana was borderline regular season material in her last appearance. Mitsuki beating her by so much is impressive even accounting for Ohana likely being weaker now. I wasn't sure what to make of Ouka but it seems I overestimated her. I guess Kaga Kouko really isn't that strong at all. NouKome not looking as good means Yaya's win over Chocolat isn't as good. Mirai look fine in her match although it's hard to really judge. Yaya vs Mirai might be a close match and Mitsuki might just cruise into being the Fall champion.
I agree on that, because I watched that anime last october
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Re: RESULTS: 2013 Exhibition 7

Post by Ayane_Chii » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:17 am

My bby Izayoi won xD.

I'll be pretty honest, I didn't think Izayoi will win against Kirito, I mean, look at how mainstream he was (before), there's not a chance a not-so-popular guy like Izayoi will win against him. Or at least I never believed Izayoi is not popular.
I'll still be rooting for him, although he might lose in the next fight. Maybe it's just pure luck that the characters he's against are already losing popularity. I'm still happy he made it to the top 4. ^^ Not going to expect so much in the next round, but he's still my lovely badass. <3

If the boys dominate the voting, I think there's a high chance Eren might win. Levi is more popular with the fangirls imo.
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Re: RESULTS: 2013 Exhibition 7

Post by blaZofgold » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:09 am

kuuderes_shadow wrote: Male tournament has taken an interesting turn though, and opens up the possibility of a Levi vs Accelerator semi-final, which would be a real treat.
It would be better than an Izayoi vs Accelerator semis, because they're basically the same character type. I have my chips on either Keima or Izayoi, even though SnK's men are more renowned. I just don't want Eren to win. Anybody but Eren, seriously.