[FACTION] Kugimiya Knights

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[FACTION] Kugimiya Knights

Post by ithekro » Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:41 pm

Kugimiya Knights

Text used in signature:
"The Kugimiya Knights are an order of warriors/mages that
have acted as peacekeepers in the galaxy for untold years."

-Kugimiya Master Shana (The First Knight/The Flame Haze) - Shakugan no Shana

--Kugimiya Padawan Taiga (Guardian of the Dragons/The Fourth Knight/Padawan of Master Shana) - Toradora!

-Kugimiya Master Nagi (The Second Knight/The Six Trillion Yen Woman) - Hayate no Gotoku!

--Kugumiya Padawan Yuuhi (the Fifth Knight/Padawan of Master Nagi) - Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

-Kugimiya Knight Louise of the Void (The Third Knight/Master of the Void) - Zero no Tsukaima

The Kugimiya Knights are an order of warrior/mages that have acted as peacekeepers in the galaxy for untold years.
They have a tendancy to be "short" females and have a similar voice. (Also tsundere seems to be a predominate personality trait.)

Most are skilled with a sword and have a variety of mental or magical powers to aid them in keeping the peace...or fighting in chaos.

They have a set order of ranking:
A Master who has proven skills and can take on a student, known as a Padawan for reasons left to antiquity.
A Knight who is able to fuction well on their own. They no longer require training and have past their trials to earn their place as a galactic peacekeeper.
A Padawan who has not yet proven themselves. They have much to learn despite being powerful. Should always have a Master.

Knights from the Great Moe War:

-Kugimiya Master Shana: veteran of many conflicts and had earned her right to be a Master.
--Kugimiya Padawan Loiuse: Powerful, but still relatively untrained. Required the hand of Shana to quell her overpowering Tsun.

--Kugimiya Knight Nagi: While still relatively fresh as a Knight, had proven herself in combat and proven to have the skills needed for the times ahead. The only Kugumiya Knight to have her own territorial space to defend throughout that long war.
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