Moepolis Tournament 2017

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Martinawa Hatsuhi
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Moepolis Tournament 2017

Post by Martinawa Hatsuhi » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:20 am

Moepolis is an imaginary city of ~750k inhabitants, having the unique characteristic that all the streets on the city are named after female anime characters.

This tournament is made in honor of the major holiday of the city of Moepolis, the Moe Day (10th of October). One of the big events in the city is to host a tournament in which all the citizens vote to decide which street has the best girl in its name. Anyone who wants it can be a citizen of Moepolis and vote in the tournament.

Girls elegible in the tournament are the ones who possess a street with her name in the city. (960 in total)

The tournament is now in the first round of the general phase, which will end next monday. After that, the second round will be played before the group finals are held. The 8 group final winners will be matched 1v1 into a single-elimination bracket.

Matches in a given date begin at 00:00 UTC and end at 22:01 UTC.

The tournament is held in the Moepolis blog, where the fixture and the results for all the matches are posted after they end. Matches are held via google forms which are inserted into the latest post of the blog, which contains the word "Votaciones". Also in that blog you can find the fixture for the general phase of the tournament

The dates on the matches are simply orientative. There may be some days when the matches are suspended, and those will be postponed to a later date, moving all the schedule forward with it. I run this tournament only by myself, so sometimes I'll not be able to hold a match.

You can also check my Twitter account, where I make posts about the tournament every day.

I hope this counts as a moe tournament
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Re: Moepolis Tournament 2017

Post by kyoking1999 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:46 am

Moepolis FINAL ?
THIS tournament is OVER?
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