Hurt and Heal [2014] : Forum Edition

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Re: Hurt and Heal [2014] : Forum Edition

Post by Just » Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:07 pm

Kurogarasu wrote:
9. CureRainbow - Begged for her life, but soon, millions of people came screaming for her head and she decided to lock herself in her room, where no one could find her. The door opened slightly, and she screamed in terror, but it was her friend Grish. Grish comforted her and tried to help her, but they couldn't stop the angry mob outside her door. They barged in and rushed up the stairs. Her bodyguards, Desu and Ebby were greatly wounded and left to bleed out on in the hallway as they rushed into her room. With Cure all alone with no one besides her friend Grish, she whispered quietly into Grish's ear to just end her life. Mournfully, Grish agreed and stabbed her with a sharp knife that she had been keeping for self-defense. Cure cried as Grish lowered her to the ground, angry mob surrounding them, and she whispered that she had always loved Grish, but never was brave enough to say it. She breathed her last breath and fell asleep forever.
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