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How to calculate SWVO?

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 2:50 am
by MioAkiyama
I have read this news.

But I can't calculate after Aquamarine 1.

Does anyone teach me the detailed calculated method?

The news in general terms.

Re: How to calculate SWVO?

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:42 am
by maglor
Let's use Akyama Mio's SWVO after Aquamarine 3 as an example.

Akiyama Mio met 3 opponents so far, Hirasawa Yui in round 1, Shiina Mashiro in round 2, and KĊsaka Kirino in round 3. She had 4412 against Hirasawa Yui, 3126 votes against Mashiro, and 4521 votes against Kirino.
Hirasawa Yui had 2503 in round 1, 3315 in round 2, 2575 in round 3.
Shiina Mashiro had 4396 votes in round 1, 4748 in round 2, and 5467 in round 3
Kirino had 3761 in rond 1, 4173 in round 2, and 3313.

In order to properly capture the fluctuations of the day, all the vote numbers are divided by the average votes characters received in each match day. On Round 1, the average votes(VF) was 3621 [ note, I am going to round the numbers to save space ]. Round 2's average is 3733 and Round 3's average is 3820. The votes divided by average votes is called vote points, VP for short.

So, Mio recorded 1.218 VP against Hirasawa Yui, 0.837 VP against Mashiro, and 1.184 VP against Kirino.
Hirasawa Yui had 0.691 VP in round 1, 0.888 VP in round 2, and 0.674 VP in round 3 for Cumulative VP ( CVP ) of 0.691+0.888+0.674=2.253 [ Please note I might be off by a little because of round off error ]
Mashiro had 1.214 , 1.272, and 1.431 VP for CVP of 3.917
Kirino had 1.039, 1.118,and 0.867 VP for CVP of 3.024.

To Calculate Mio's SWVO, we have to multiply appropriate Mio's VP to the corresponding opponent's CVP. So, her SWVO would be her VP against Yui multiplied by Yui's CVP plus her VP against Mashiro * Mashiro's CVP + VP against Kirino * Kirino's CVP
So Mio's SWVO is 1.218 * 2.253 + 0.837 * 3.917 + 1.184 * 3.024 = 9.603. This isn't the same as the real exact Mio's SWVO, 9.606, because I kept rounding things off at 3 decimal places thus accumulated some round off errors.

Hope this helps.

Re: How to calculate SWVO?

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:50 am
by MioAkiyama
Thanks for your help.

I just don't know how to calculate past opponent's.