Elimination 2010 Featured Match Writeups

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Re: Elimination 2010 Featured Match Writeups

Post by fujibayashi » Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:26 pm

For sure for sure, the traditional Chinese always looks better. However, it is so painful when you have to write a ten thousand words essay with traditional Chinese. For example, I rather to write the simplified character of "ten thousand" than the traditional one. Also, I have some knowledge about the "super simplified" Chinese. Those characters are just ridiculous. They look like humans without stomaches. You can't see the "drawing" of the character and some simplified Chinese characters lost the "drawing" as well. I think the "drawing" of the character is the beauty of traditional Chinese. Jesus, I really should have majored in Linguistics instead of Engineering.
BTW, don't feel bad for the translation. The quality would improve dramatically when you revise your translation a few time. Just think about the sentences you have read in the book and mimic them out.
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Really?^ ^
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不過寫正體中文對我來說是家常便飯了呢^ ^
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