Results: 2018 Elimination 4

Single-Elimination Tournament and future ISML contests
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Results: 2018 Elimination 4

Post by Chibasa » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:44 am

Quarterfinals now !
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Re: Results: 2018 Elimination 4

Post by Hachiko » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:03 am

ISML 2018: Mai Sakurajima A Legit Challenger For Autumn Seasonal

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam On Baltic Avenue
January 27, 2019

Match Day 4 of the 2018 International Saimoe League Postseason is finished. Mai Sakurajima has seen her odds shorten significantly for the ISML 2018 Autumn Diadem and has now been placed as the favorite after a 19988-12477 rout of Erza Scarlet. Listed as a second choice is Kaede Azusagawa with a 17243-15518 win over Touko Nanami, and listed as third is Alice Zuberg after a 17366-15154 win over Shizue Izawa.

In other Autumn Seasonal action, Priestess eased past High Elf Archer 16255-15577, Sakura Minamoto prevailed over Ai Mizuno 15978-15550, Index L. Prohibitorum cruised past Juliet Persia 16397-14689, Rikka Takarada whipped past Itsuwa 16301-15900, and Rio Futaba defeated Mizore Yoroizuka 16447-16023.

In the main draw, Asuna Yuuki took the next step towards a historic Tiara victory with a 18094-14612 thumping of Saber, while Mashiro Shiina rolled past Tooru 17180-15395. Levi leveled Tomoya Okazaki 24390-11230 while Archer dominated Touma Kamijou 24991-10470. Nanami Aoyama defeated Ai Haibara 17953-13533, Nagisa Furukawa trounced Haruhi Suzumiya 17444-13756, Nao Tomori hounded Tomoyo Daidouji 16201-15309, Mirai Kuriyama eased past Yuki Nagato 15859-15131, Yuuta Togashi roared past Ryuuji Takasu 15827-14867, Takashi Natsume drubbed Subaru Natsuki 16378-14967, Kazuma Satou won a 15268-15113 barnburner over Edward Elric and Ken Kaneki throttled Itachi Uchiha 15477-15017.

Violet Evergarden and Zero Two are expected to be strong performers in the upcoming 2019 International Saimoe League. Evergarden routed Ochako Uraraka 17180-9445 while Zero Two flattened Karen Kohiruimaki 14794-11412. In other exhibition action, Mikoto Misaka, the current Saimoe Leader of the Free World, continued her form with a 16915-13296 win over Miku Hatsune, while Reimu Hakurei remained influential as ever in a 14776-12878 snoozer over Kongou.

Match Day 5 of the 2018 International Saimoe League Postseason is scheduled for January 28, 2019. Vote for your favorite characters at and join the ongoing debate.
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