Thee Shall Choose Thy Fate (CD 1509)

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Thee Shall Choose Thy Fate (CD 1509)

Post by ISML Seitokai » Sun May 22, 2016 1:42 am

"A new moon rises.." --Diana

Council Directive 1509

Proposal: Seitokai 2016 will be held with a few changes from the previous format. Elections shall take place as soon as possible.
Proposed by: Sakurano Kurimu
Consent: Katsura Hinagiku, Sakagami Tomoyo, Minamoto Chikaru, Kōsaka Honoka
Dissent: Takei Hisa
Abstain: Tachibana Kanade


Kurimu: Leadership is a process of learning! One may learn through leading others, and one may lead by learning about others!

Hinagiku: Oh, you’re unusually spirited today, Aka-chan.

Kurimu: Of course! Today comes the main plot that everyone has been waiting for! The true purpose of us being the Magistrate & Transitional Seitokai: to form this year's Seitokai! No more card CDs or joke CDs or any other stuff!

Kurimu: (Kukuku… they haven’t noticed yet. I’m going to use this chance to get myself elected and be a President here too! That way, I will prove to you all that I am the Ultimate President!)

Tomoyo: Shall we begin now?

Kanade: Ye-

Hinagiku: So, as we all know, during the course of the ISML season, we usually have an executive committee that helps governing and running various things, by the name of the Seitokai. The agenda of our meeting today is to discuss the formation of this year’s Seitokai.

Hisa: Ah... do we really need them? Haven’t they been a problem to us all this time? With all of the chaos caused by them...

Kurimu: Don’t say that, Hisa! The Seitokai has been a great servant to ISML for years. I mean, after all, they have helped out in running ISML, as well as taking care of various technical problems that have risen over the years.

Hisa: Ooh, I thought it were the slaves staff members who have been taking care of the tournament for years? Weren’t they the source of all problems, instead? And it was us in the magistrate that had to deal with it all these years, isn't it?

Kurimu: Maybe you guys want to take care of all those papers about regulations and technical stuff for the whole year then?


Hisa: Eh? N-no thank you… ^^;

Kurimu: See? That’s why we need someone to take care of all those issues for us!

Hinagiku: Thank you, Aka-chan. We get your point already. Please sit down.

Kurimu: I haven't finished talking ye-

Honoka: Come here, Aka-chan.

Kurimu: Honoka…

Honoka: *pats Kurimu’s head*

Hinagiku: Hisa does make a fair point about the Seitokai though... What do you guys think?

Tomoyo: I think it's fine for them to be a little bit wild at times. They are after all, still young, and being wild at least shows that they are enjoying both their youth and their role in the Seitokai.

Hisa: But are you okay with us taking care of the chaos all the time?

Tomoyo: Well, that’s why the Magistrate exists: To supervise the works of the executive committee. It is our task as seniors here.

Hinagiku: Seniors, huh?

Kurimu: Old hag!

Hinagiku: Shut up, eternal loli!

Kurimu: What!?

Chikaru: *ehem* Girls, can we get back to our meeting?

Hisa: Here comes the oldest girl.

Chikaru: -_-

Honoka: Eh… excuse me; Why is Hisa-chan and Chikaru-chan complaining about the formation of the Seitokai this year?

Hisa: Huh, I have to explain again? ._.


Hisa: In conclusion, we think that the Seitokai has become more of a burden instead. Thus we disagree with having a Seitokai again this year.

Honoka: But surely they must have done something useful, too? Why don’t we check their records from last year?
Records of ISML Seitokai 2015Show
Transitional Seitokai 2015 Preliminary Seitokai 2015 Aquamarine Seitokai 2015 Amethyst Seitokai 2015 Ruby Seitokai 2015 Emerald Seitokai 2015 Topaz Seitokai 2015 Full record: ISML Seitokai 2015 CD/CB information
Hisa: See? They spent most of their time playing around. They even declared war on us once.

Kurimu: But there are also official businesses and announcements made. And they have also done their best to improve their capabilities and help people around them. So it's not like they are just resting on their laurels.

Chikaru: But that doesn't excuse them for all the fuss they have caused.

Honoka: Actually, I think the Seitokai was very good last year. Because: To bring smiles and joy to people, isn’t that the main purpose of the Seitokai?

Hinagiku: This is not a school idol group, Honoka. ^^;

Honoka: What’s the difference? School idols and Seitokai members… Even if our jobs are different, our goal is the same: “to make people happy.”



Hisa: Huh… I guess she's right, then.

Hinagiku: My, my, Honoka. It’s mysterious how you can be such a wise person sometimes despite your usual foolish clown carefree attitude.

Honoka: Just how do you see me, actually, senpai? ^^;

Kurimu: (Fufufu… Nice line, Honoka-chan. Now, phase 2 of the operation.)


Kurimu: Guess everybody already agrees, then.

Hisa: However, if we can’t keep a regular tab on their work, the Seitokai will still be as chaotic as ever.

Chikaru: Plus we still have the old issue.

Honoka: Old issue?

Chikaru: Of the Seitokai never having a continuous program that runs for the whole year.

Honoka: I wonder why it works like that.

Hinagiku: Isn’t it clear? It’s because we have a new set of Seitokai every period. Each Seitokaichou has his/her own concept of how the Seitokai should be run and what they want to do with it. Examples: One Seitokaichou wanted to use the Seitokai to save the Sakura trees at the front gate, another Seitokaichou was more interested in going to her own club, and another Seitokaichou was so lazy she spent her whole term chatting and eating.

Tomoyo, Hisa, & Kurimu: ^^;

Tomoyo: It’s not wrong for every person to have their own aspiration. Actually, every leader should have that, or else the organization they lead won’t have a clear goal to achieve.

Chikaru: But if everyone wants to achieve each of their own personal ambition, there will never be continuity in the Seitokai. And that means no long term project will ever be accomplished.

Everyone: Hmm…

Kanade: Hmm… then why don’t we-

Kurimu: Kukuku… The solution is simple, then: We just have one Seitokai run for the whole year!


Hinagiku: Hmm that might actually be a brilliant idea.

Hisa: Wait… you guys aren’t seriously thinking about making the Seitokai run for the whole year, are you?

Chikaru: Hmm… If the Seitokai runs for the whole year, keeping tabs on everything, e.g. their activities and spending and such, will be much easier.

Honoka: But, won’t it be a bit dull if we only have one Seitokai for the whole year?

Hinagiku: Hmm… maybe we should make it that the lower posts such as secretary, treasurer, and reporter be shuffled via election per period.

Kurimu: I’m okay with that!

Chikaru: But it would defeat our original purpose of making it easier to keep track of Seitokai’s activities, because secretary and treasurer are the ones who are in charge of recording stuff.

Tomoyo: Hmm… How about every 10 weeks? That will make it 3 reshuffle elections for secretary, treasurer, and reporter this year. That would still reduce the amount of times Seitokai records change hands.

Chikaru: Hmm…

Honoka: That’s good!

Hinagiku: Then it has been decided.

Kurimu: Now, since we have all agreed on the format of the Seitokai, it’s time we talk about the candidates. (Yes, we finally get here.)

Hinagiku: Yes. Tomoyo-san, where’s the candidate list?

Kurimu: Eh… Candidate list?

Tomoyo: Here.

Kurimu: What? WHAT!? Where did that list come from?

Hinagiku: The candidates for the whole lot of elections have been drafted since last month, Aka-chan.

Kurimu: But but- what about my plan of becoming Seitokaichou and finally making my mark in the Seitokai after years of being in the backstage?

Hisa: Of course you can’t, Aka-chan. You’re a member of the Transitional Seitokai. People will complain of cheating if anyone from the election committee also compete.

Kurimu: But- but- there can’t be… no one… else… that can… AAAAHHH HONOKA-CHAN THEY DON’T LET ME RUN FOR THE SEITOKAI!? *runs at Honoka’s hug crying*

Honoka: It’s fine, it’s fine. *pats Kurimu’s head*

Kanade: Let me-

Hisa: Hina!

Hinagiku: Yes, Hisa?

Hisa: I still think everything we talked about today will be pointless if we don’t get a proper Seitokai.

Hinagiku: Then, what do you suggest?

Hisa: We should sort out the list again. Make sure we get proper candidates that can be a proper Seitokai member should he/she be elected.

Hinagiku: Then, maybe, you want to take a closer look at this list? We still need to make changes on this in accordance to our decisions today, anyway.

Hisa: Okay, then. Chikaru, will you help me?

Chikaru: Yes, I’d be glad to.

Kurimu: That list is fraud! That list will never get my approval!

Hinagiku: Now, that concludes our meeting today. Let us close the day.

Hinagiku + Hisa + Chikaru + Honoka + Tomoyo: Today's Seitokai, finito.

Kurimu: Hey, that’s my catchphrase! Don’t go doing it without me!

*Meanwhile, at the other side of the table*

Kanade: (Don’t I get a say in this? -_- )

*A few hours later, late at midnight, Magistrate Room*

Kurimu: *Opens a file using her computer* (whispers) If you don't let me lead... then let me spoil things for you. *clears the file and rewrites it*

*22nd May, 2016*

Hisa: Hina, we ran into a problem. Somebody altered the records of the candidate list and now the staff is holding the elections using that list.

Hinagiku: WHAT? *spots a smirking Kurimu walking out of the Magistrate Room* KURIMU! GET BACK IN HERE!

Kurimu: Hina-san... You reap what you sow.

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Re: Thee Shall Choose Thy Fate (CD 1509)

Post by smartboyhw » Sun May 22, 2016 1:43 am

Thus, if anybody has any complaints towards the candidate list for the president election AND future elections, please direct it to:

Sakurano Kurimu
Seitokai Pet
Magistrate Office
ISML Seitokai Building

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Re: Thee Shall Choose Thy Fate (CD 1509)

Post by Just » Sun May 22, 2016 1:56 am

smartboyhw wrote:Thus, if anybody has any complaints towards the candidate list for the president election AND future elections, please direct it to:

Sakurano Kurimu
Seitokai Pet
Magistrate Office
ISML Seitokai Building
#fire smartboy
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Re: Thee Shall Choose Thy Fate (CD 1509)

Post by kanohistorm » Sun May 22, 2016 2:01 am

Just wrote:
smartboyhw wrote:Thus, if anybody has any complaints towards the candidate list for the president election AND future elections, please direct it to:

Sakurano Kurimu
Seitokai Pet
Magistrate Office
ISML Seitokai Building
#fire smartboy
spoiler alert :3
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Re: Thee Shall Choose Thy Fate (CD 1509)

Post by Bastion » Mon May 23, 2016 5:59 pm

Something I would suggest (not negatives though), the Baka Trio (Izumi, Miki and Riza) call Hinagiku by the name 'Hinamon'. I think it would be cute and fitting if someone used that nickname here.
2nd: Hinagiku tends to be more about using higher honorifics, her using '-chan' seems a little off to me (but not that bad that I think it needs to be changed)
sorry, Hina-chan is one of my favorite characters, and Nagi is right up there with her, so I'll probably be making a lot of these type of comments :oops:
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