The House Riddle

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[You can (not) Zura]
[You can (not) Zura]
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The House Riddle

Post by Chibasa » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:43 pm

Welcome to the house riddle. Eight cute anime girls are currently living in your neighborhood. You'll have to guess their position and the color of their houses to win the game. Eight houses are placed on a square-shape around yours like in the picture below.


  • Shana house is Red
  • Arisu house is in a corner
  • Kurisu house is on right side
  • Rory house is at the opposite of Blue one
  • Mashiro house is just left to Rory one
  • Feyris house is not in a corner
  • Yukino house is just above Pink one
  • Yellow house is in a corner
  • Char house is on top side
  • White house is next* to Shana's one
  • Arisu is next to Purple house
  • Orange house is next to Yellow one
  • Kurisu and Feyris are not on same line or column
  • Mashiro house ain't Pink or Purple, and not next* to em
  • Green house is next* to Yukino one
  • Char house isn't next* to Mashiro one
  • There are two girls sharing same hair color living at opposite position
  • Char house isn't next* to any house belonging to a S;G girl
* next here means: just above or just under or just left or just right.

Characters in game:
Kurisu (Red hair)
Feyris (Pink hair)
Rory (Black hair)
Arisu (Brown hair)
Char (White hair)
Mashiro (Blonde hair)
Yukino (Black hair)
Shana (Black or Red hair)

Except a baka pig that misread a hint, you all succeeded, congrats.
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