ISML Music Project 2: Cross Collaboration

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Will this project work?

Poll ended at Thu Oct 01, 2020 6:00 pm

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ISML Music Project 2: Cross Collaboration

Post by Momento10 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:01 pm

I was wondering if something like this was already made yet. Turns out, it was pinned on this forum. So, instead, the title of this thread shall be Vol. 2. I want to test something out to see how ambitions this can be if it ultimately gets pushed forward.

The ideal goals of this project is as follows:
-Side A: 8 New Songs from the ISML Community (Duets, Trios, Multi-Voices, etc.)
-Side B: 8 Songs already established from the ISML Karaoke Contest (Duets, Trios, Multi-Voices, etc.)
-1 Bonus Song featuring Everybody
Total: 17 Songs

Note: The main problem with the above is whether or not we have at least 8 Karaoke collaborations already exist in the ISML Community. Of course, I will ask the staff to select/pick the Top 8 if there are more than 8 songs created. I also don't know how many people would like to partake in this, let alone build 8 new songs.
The prerequisites of this project is as follows:
10 + 1 bonus complete set featuring:
5 New Songs from the ISML Community (Duets, Trios, Multi-Voices, etc.)
5 Songs already established from the ISML Karaoke Contest (Duets, Trios, Multi-Voices, etc.)
1 Bonus Song featuring Everybody

Hopefully, this is the more reasonable/realistic project of the two; however, as this is an ambitious project, I truly want to see if we can actually reach the ideal goal.
Additional notes:
As you can probably tell, the main idea of the project is to have people collaborate with each other when creating this work, rather than to always have solo performance. Obviously, a solo performance is the easiest one to do; that is why I want to test whether or not ISML is creative/collaborative enough to do a project like this. The most common version of this project would be if all of the new submissions are duets, which fits the criteria I'm looking for anyway. Again, the goal is to have fun making these collaborations.

It has been a while since I have listened to the ISML Karaoke Contest, so I am unsure whether or not there are enough duets to begin with. I also don't know if one or more of the Karaoke Contests has a "More than One Voice" category in one of their qualifying rounds of the contest. Again, I would like to ask if anyone from the staff would be interested in collecting this data and selecting the Top 5 (ideally Top 8) be put into the album.

The bonus song we will be doing is Butter-Fly from Digimon Adventure. We will be using the Digimon Tri All Cast version found in the Youtube Video posted below:

Please submit only your voice. There's no need to add any instrumentals; it will be added those later. Please remember to record the full version. Everyone who submits their singing will be included in the bonus song!
As far as the Digimon voices are concerned, you guys can go all out with them. Do a bunch of character/funny/random voices for them when they shout out their partner's name. Again, the goal is to have fun with this.
Please PM them to me via any kind of online host (GDrive, Dropbox, etc). I (or somebody else) will edit it to include everybody singing.
  • Deadline: October 24th, 2020
    Theme: Duets & Group Songs
  • Your song(s) must be from an anime. It should be over 1:20 and preferably under 5:00.
  • Your song(s) can be in Japanese, mostly Japanese, or English. Examples of accepted English songs include Never Say Never (DanganRonpa OP) and Moon on the Water (BECK insert song)
  • PM me your song with the title/anime/original artist and the person/people who will be singing said song with you with the title ISML Vol. 2: Cross Collaboration. Accepted formats: .wav/.flac/.mp3, PREFERABLY 320 kbps MP3.
  • Please use Dropbox, Mediafire, or any service that lets me physically download the file.
  • You may collaborate in more than one entry. There is no limit to how many entries you proposed as long as it is a different group each time. For example, Singer A and Singer B can submit one song. Singer A and B can also submit a song with Singer C and/or D/E/F etc. as long as the vocal parts are evenly out between everyone involved, i.e., not Singer A & B covering the majority of the song while Singer C and/or D/E/F etc sing a line or two.
  • If you have an idea of what you would like to try and sing, but are looking for a partner/don't have a partner in mind, post your proposal here or on the Discord. I'm sure there are people who would be willing to sing with you. We are all a friendly bunch here.
  • To avoid multiple groups singing the same song, you can send me a PM to reserve a song or ask if anyone has done it. I can ask the other group to see if they would be willing to collaborate with you guys, as you are all doing the same song anyway.
  • In the event that we do go past 8 submissions, we'll try to accommodate for everyone. If we somehow manage to get a high volume of submissions, I will talk with the staff to see if a voting period is required.
  • If you have any questions, you can ask in this thread or PM me.
Hope we can all have fun making this cool project together!
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