Amethyst/Sapphire posters are out!

By Seitokai September 23rd, 2016, under Administrative, Main Tournament

We are sorry for the delay as the dimensions for the Aquamarine/Topaz posters were off and we wanted to fix them at the same time. We hope you enjoy them! They are available in the Winners Gallery and also on the front page for a limited period of time.

Website Maintenance

By Seitokai September 18th, 2016, under Administrative, Site-related

The website is undergoing maintenance at the moment. There may be interruptions over the next 24h.

Notice on the 2016 Aquamarine/Topaz Necklace Match

By Seitokai August 11th, 2016, under Administrative, Main Tournament, Site-related

The Aquamarine/Topaz Necklace match was scheduled to commence at 1500 UTC, 8th August, 2016. However, due to a bug in a system upgrade to the voting system which caused it to fail to accommodate the increase in the number of votes coming in for the Necklace Match, various issues occurred including failure to reach the voting page and failure to verify the captcha. Thus, the ISML Staff had to close voting and re-scheduled it for 1500 UTC, 10th August, 2016.

However, there were still some issues in the first few minutes of voting. Whilst the ISML Staff had already rectified such issues within the first 5 minutes since the start of voting, the server then underwent an attack that was suspicious of being a DDoS (Denial of Service attack), which severely impacted the loading time of almost all ISML webpages. We had no choice but to unwillingly close voting again as it was near impossible to vote, even if the voting system was deemed to be working by then.

We have again re-scheduled the match to 1500 UTC, 11th August, 2016.

We, the ISML Staff, sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused to all ISML voters and supporters. We are currently actively looking for solutions to block further DDoS and other types of attacks and we are fairly confident that voting can be held normally, barring any further attacks, on Thursday, 11th August, 2016. We sincerely ask for your understanding and we hope that you will continue to support us.

Charter Rule XIII. H. amended

By Seitokai August 10th, 2016, under Administrative, Main Tournament, Site-related

Posters will be available at the latest one week after results announcement rather than at the earliest one week after results announcement.

ISML 2016 PV (Female Division) up!

By Seitokai August 5th, 2016, under Uncategorized

Special thanks to AiSherry for making this video on a self-initiated basis!

You can watch it via the homepage or at Vimeo.

Topaz 2 voting end time extended by 10 minutes

By Seitokai July 28th, 2016, under Administrative, Main Tournament, Site-related

Please note that the end time shall be 11:10 GMT due to the delayed start.

Notice concerning gender and age data

By Seitokai July 17th, 2016, under Administrative, Main Tournament, Site-related

The data for Aquamarine 1 and Aquamarine 2 was wrong. Please check the Statistics Portal or this forum thread to find out more.

ISML 2016 Main Tournament will start soon!

By Seitokai July 9th, 2016, under Administrative, Main Tournament

The Main Tournament is just about 2 days away! Find out who your favorite characters will be facing in the First Round here!

Nominations Results are up!

By Seitokai June 27th, 2016, under Miscellaneous, Nominations

Go to this page to learn more about the characters who have made it to the Main Tournament and the Winter and Spring Seasonal Tournaments!

Also, the Seitokai has gotten an updated webpage for itself!

Nominations have started!

By Seitokai May 22nd, 2016, under Nominations

And… The Nominations have started! Go to the Voting Page to nominate the boys and girls you want to see in ISML this year!