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Clarifying links

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The menu bar now has entries for the “main pages” of each of the Contestants, Statistics, and Community portals. Since the start of the season you could have clicked on the category labels to get there, but I realize now that the drop-down menu had been misleading many site visitors.

So on the main Contestants page, you can view character biographies and career histories (by clicking on their avatars). These are available only for 2010 Contestants. All preliminary Competitors are listed, but they do not have bios. Bios for 2009 and 2008 Contestants are linked in their respective pages in the site archives. Those bios are no longer being maintained, but we may develop a more comprehensive and regulary updated database in the future.

The main Statistics page has the cumulative standings for all Rounds; just use the buttons and drop-down menu to navigate. There are also links to tournament information for Japan Anime Saimoe and Korea Best Moe. (Some pages are undergoing rewriting as I make this post; until now all the charts were images, but we are converting them to be text-and-HTML-based, so they load more quickly and also become searchable.)

The main Community page lists all the different branches of our community, which is primarily the forum at the moment. Our IRC chatroom has somewhat died over the course of the year; maybe it’ll revive again someday with the right people. :) There is also space for community video submissions as well.

Additionally, I’m updating the URLs to our archive sites. Older ISML websites will live in their own subdomain. So will now become Your DNS may take a day or two to update fully, so some links might not work just yet. And if you have existing bookmarks, they should redirect correctly. If not, please update your bookmarks.

Sorry for the confusion, but I hope ISML can become a little more accessible to visitors with these changes.

Winners Gallery

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

You now have a convenient place to view all the necklace winners of the past.

Click on a poster thumbnail to view it in full size in a new window/tab.

Ruby over

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Congratulations to Misaka Mikoto for winning the Ruby Necklace! A number of upsets occured in this final round; both of our undefeated Contestants are no longer perfect, but they still retain their #1 and #2 ranks for the time being. The postseason gets ever closer, and the number of contestable Top 16 slots gets smaller and smaller. As of this round, the Top 8 are guaranteed a Double Elimination berth. How will Diamond Period play out for our girls?

More statistics views

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

The capability to view previous cumulative round data on the main Statistics page is now available. Use the drop-down menu or the “previous” and “next” buttons to navigate through the rounds and track a Contestant’s progress since Aquamarine 1.

JavaScript is the primary engine for the selector (as with almost all other sections of the site); because of the amount of data involved, the processing may take up to a whole second or two when you switch rounds. Please be patient, but please comment here if you encounter bugs or excessively long wait times.

In addition, our staffer melange has been experimenting with new ways to depict the statistics (space opera) map. Using a Java-based language called Processing, he has been able to generate maps much more efficiently and accurately, thus also able to develop custom applications for statistics viewing.

Two applications, still in a beta phase, are available for preview:
1.) Dynamic Map Viewer
2.) Contestant Comparison Tool
Note, your browser must have the Java plug-in to run these applications.

We hope you find these new features useful and interesting.

Updated statistics view

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The overall statistics table has been updated silghtly. A line has been drawn as a reminder that only the Top 16 overall Contestants at the end of the Regular Season will advance to the Double Elimination Tournament. Everybody else goes home.

In addition, Contestants who will not be able to achieve Top 16 (even if they win all their remaining matches) by the end of the season are highlighted in red. These girls should not be discouraged, though; they still have chances to win and improve their career record. And they should still be commended for being a part of this tournament — a part of the 50 most moe girls of the year.