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ISML 2011 Charter

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

The ISML 2011 Charter is now available online.

We have made changes to this upcoming ISML year. A quick overview of the big ones:
1. No more automatic entries to the regular season (only to preliminaries).
2. A character cannot win more than one Necklace per tournament year.
3. We added a special 8th round to each Period to help decide the Necklace winner.
4. Postseason will be single-elimination, not double.

To accommodate #4, Staff amended the ISML Constitution to change “double elimination” to “elimination-style” in the text. This gives us more flexibility in organizing each year’s tournament. Plus after three years of data collection, we have concluded that a double-elimination tournament is not really effective in saimoe.

On 1 January, the 2010 site will be archived (but still accessible to you), and the 2011 website will begin. Nominations begin on 6 February. We hope these rule changes will bring a much more balanced and exciting year to the League in 2011; we look forward to seeing new faces and crowning new champions.

Thank you for your patience and continued support! Also, all of your donations have successfully paid our server costs for the next year; we appreciate it very much! ISML will continue to be brought to you advertisement-free and with hardly any downtime.