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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Site navigation is mostly unchanged from ISML 2010, but if you’re new to us this year:

  • Past match results are found at the Statistics Portal. Aquamarine results are here.
  • Past featured match writeups are here.
  • Previous ISML tournaments are in our archive.
  • The navigation bar at the top of every ISML page typically has all the links you need to traverse the site.
  • A full regular-season schedule will not be released this year, though we plan to release some information once the regular season is over so you can search for specific matchups.

What’s still missing:

  • Space-Opera-themed maps are a little late; we expect them to be ready by the end of the week.
  • In 2010 there was a module on the main Statistics page that lets you scroll through cumulative standings after each round. This will be ready soon, too.


  • The ISML Seitokai is a new addition to community-related activities. Top Contestants are nominated and then elected by Forum members to serve a single-Period term, in which some roleplaying opportunities are available for the Seitokai to represent the Contestants in ISML-related events and discussions. Seitokai participation and membership does not affect any Contestant’s ranking in the official tournament.

Thanks to all our visitors and regulars for voting and being a part of ISML.

Aquamarine 1 Preview

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

The match preview for Aquamarine 1 is now available on the voting page.

The ISML 2011 Regular Season begins in two days.

Thanks for your patience! We hope for another smooth and exciting year for the League.

Our latest donor is twlily66; thank you so much for your gift to ISML!

Preliminary Period over

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

The seeding phase has ended, and that concludes the Preliminary Period. Thanks so much to all our voters for participating so far. It only gets better when the Regular Season starts in approximately two weeks.

Congratulations again to our 50 Contestants. They will be undergoing difficult trials ahead as they compete for each of the seven Necklaces and then possibly the coveted Tiara. Their destiny depends on you, the voters.

During the break, we’ll be working on building the schedule for the round-robin tournament. Also Contestant biographies will be updated, and we’ll have some new voting avatars as well. Aquamarine Period will be colorful and exciting; the new Necklace Round will be debuting, too! Please look forward to it, and thank you again for voting.

In donation news, ISML Staff would like to thank stephenbanks for his gift to the League. We appreciate your generosity.

Phase III Completed

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Congratulations to our final 18 Contestants who advance from the final phase of the Preliminaries. It has been very difficult to say goodbye to those who did not make it, but the space on our main roster is limited. Some characters may appear again in future Exhibition Matches, so their participation in ISML is not necessarily over for the year. However, we hope to see many of them get nominated again for a chance at the Tiara next year.

Thanks for voting in Phase III; we hope that the pick-3 format has been interesting, as it is new to ISML this year. Last year it was a pick-2 format.

Three more rounds remain in our Preseason, which make up the seeding tournament. These are a series of exhibition rounds featuring our 50 Contestants. Wins and losses do not count towards Regular Season statistics, but we do use this data to help seed our Contestants in the Regular Season schedule. Good seeding information allows us to balance the matchups of each Period (phase) of the Regular Season, so all our Contestants have a fair shot at Necklaces. Plus we can put some more exciting matchups on key days, and make the tournament a lot more fun for everyone.

Round 1 splits the 50 Contestants into five groups of ten. You will vote for up to two girls per group.
Round 2 changes it up to ten groups of five. Again, you will pick up to two girls.
Round 3 is seven groups of seven — pick two (the 50th seed coming out of the previous rounds does not participate).

More details are in our 2011 Charter.

Finally, the ISML team gives a thank you to amai-chan, who is our latest donor. Thank you for supporting our tournament and keeping our servers online for the year ahead. :)