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New 2011 Champion

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

A new ISML Champion has been crowned; congratulations to Misaka Mikoto!

The final rankings are available on the main page. All of our Contestants performed admirably. Four-year veteran Shana unfortunately falls short in the end, but she deserves a lot of recognition for her accomplishments in a still very successful Saimoe career. Kanade and Ruri take third and fourth place — incredibly strong results for their first year in ISML. We look forward to seeing everyone back in ISML 2012. There will be big changes to our regular season format, and we will have the 2012 Charter ready next month describing all the details.

This year’s final match set more records than the two semifinal rounds; we apologize for the slowdowns in the site around the beginning and ending of voting. Even with our new server, the rush of traffic was enormous. We don’t expect this to occur regularly during the season, though, but if it does, we will surely upgrade our resources to accommodate the traffic. Thanks again to all who have donated to ISML; we appreciate it greatly.

We have received many comments about the validity of the results, and ISML Staff assures you that the vote count is accurate. The sad truth is that some form of cheating exists in every round from Preliminaries all the way to the Championship. It is just the heaviest towards the final rounds. We have a very robust vote-checking methodology and clean out thousands of illegal votes every round, so in the end, the winners of each round will have won their matches fairly — each vote representing one and only one person. We are grateful for community members who help to report incidents to us, and addressing them is always our top priority.

With these results, ISML 2011 is now concluded. Nominations for ISML 2012 to start in January. But the wait doesn’t have to be that long. We have a special event starting in a few weeks — an exhibition tournament with male characters. This will feature 96 characters and last for 9 voting days. The goal of this tournament is to find the best male character — not necessarily in terms of moe, gar, or bishounen. You are free to make your own judgements about which among our candidates can be simply considered “best of the best” or your “favorite.”

If you haven’t yet, please register for our forum. Our community continues to grow each year, and we are always happy to welcome more people to join in discussion, share votes, and just have fun about both our tournaments and anime/manga in general.

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting ISML! We’ll see you again soon!

Final Round PV uploaded

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

We have released the PV for the final match on Tuesday. See it on the match-preview page and on the main page. Thanks to KholdStare for composing it!

Next up, the final round

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Thanks to everyone for another strong voter turnout for the second semifinal round. We now have our finalists, Shana and Mikoto. Good luck to both, as we are one round away from discovering ISML 2011’s Tiara champion.

We are skipping a voting day this Sunday for some extra prep time. This is also your opportunity to tell more people about our tournament and the final match that approaches. The final will be on Tuesday at the usual time and place. In addition to determining the winner, ranks 2 through 12 will also be decided afer this next round.

Thanks to Ichigo-Sora for designing our promotional posters. Thanks to our community members for writing and editing the teaser previews for select matches in each round.

Busy server

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The rush of connections is always very large in the first hour of a voting round. If you are unable to connect to the site to vote, or the site is responding too slowly for you, please try coming back later in the day. Polls are open for 24 hours, and voting at the end of the day is exactly the same as voting at the start of the day; we will still count it.

Thanks to everyone for making this postseason successful with a very large voter turnout and new records set with this past semifinal round. The staff would also like to thank Kyouko and thx_to_staff for their donations this week. Our server is paid for the 2012 season, and we have begun early collection for 2013.