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Counting down to ISML 2012

Friday, December 30th, 2011

First off, congratuations to Lelouch Lamperouge for winning the Lapis Scepter in our first off-season exhibition tournament. This year we held a male tournament, but next year’s exhibition could be something entirely different! We’re glad for the good turnout and hope that the tournament has brought ISML to a new set of voters who might not have been exposed to our main tournament.

The conclusion of our exhibition tournament means that we’re a week away from the start of ISML 2012 nominations! The website has changed into 2012 mode, and everything 2011 is now in the archived site. The Nomination Preview is available on the voting page. 24 characters are auto-qualified to the Preliminaries so you do not need to nominate these girls.

Nominations begin on Jan 1 and last for one week, so you have a lot of time to think about your selections! You can only submit one time, though, so be sure you have all 12 characters picked out. We encourage you to use all 12, because there are many people who would like to nominate 20 characters if they could, but we only have room for 12 per person.

If you haven’t heard of the new rules in 2012, please check our 2012 Charter. The largest change is the introduction of two divisions (Nova and Stella) to ISML that will separate new characters from more seasoned characters. We hope this will bring a new exciting dynamic to the main tournament.

Exhibition Tournament approaching

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Our exhibition male tournament begins on Tuesday. It will last nine voting days and follow the usual schedule pattern. The front page now shows our tournament bracket, starting with 96 characters. A series of 3-way matches will occur until the field is reduced to 32. And then 1-vs-1 matches will follow until a single champion remains.

Exhibition matches will be featured with additional males and even some guest female characters. If you don’t see a particular male you’re fond of in the bracket, maybe he’ll show up in exhibition! In the end, we do realize there are still far more characters available, but we unfortunately do not have the space to feature everybody. If this tournament is successful, we’ll aim to do better next time. For now, good luck to our competitors!

Our latest donors are ntaee and Z.G. Thank you very much for your contributions!