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Interactive Map Viewer

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

We have updated the statistics map viewer for this year. Aquamarine Period maps are now available.

Thanks to melange for designing this application. The page has a Help graphic at the top describing instructions for navigating the viewer and changing/rotating the display. Use this to visualize how your favorite Contestants are doing in the Regular Season! Compare and contrast rankings with other characters.

This applet is scheduled to update at results time after every round.

Aquamarine Completed

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Congratulations to Tachibana Kanade for winning the Aquamarine Necklace! Honma Meiko is also recognized with the Aquamarine Bracelet from the exhibition inter-division Contestant matchup.

We’ve had an excellent turnout in voting rounds this Period. Things started off slowly when we hit server limits, but since our move after Round 3, we’re happy to see everything running smoothly. Thank you to all the voters.

This coming week is our regularly scheduled break as we set up for Amethyst Period. Matchups will be released on Friday. Stay updated to news and community content on this blog, our voting times feed, our forum, our Twitter account, or the Facebook group.

On our donation page, we have added widgets for If you do a lot of online shopping, please consider using the widgets on our website, as we will earn commission for sales. This is a convenient way for you to support the site without any extra cost to yourself, and you are still getting the same products and services from Amazon and other vendors we have listed.

Charter update for Necklace Round

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

We’re announcing an update to the 2012 Charter regarding the layout of exhibition matches in the Necklace Round. The previous language was proposed last September in the early planning stages of ISML 2012, but we now have a clearer picture of what will be best for the tournament during this round.

Inter-division matchups will still be featured. Between Contestants, this will be a 7-girl free-for-all much like the Necklace Showdown itself. We will also have 1v1 matchups featuring Candidates from the Preliminary Period, so they will make an appearance again on the ISML stage. The exhibition winners from the Period’s 2v2 matches will appear again in groups of 7, similar to how it was executed in ISML 2011. With more exhibition winners each Period, there will be more matches.

There is a chance of a bonus 2v2 arena in the Necklace Round as well, and this is an opportunity for us to feature new characters from currently airing series. These may be potential competitors in ISML 2013, so we have a lot of excitement planned for you.

Thanks for voting! Tonight will be the results of Aqua6 and then one more round remains before we find out who will be in the first Necklace Showdown of ISML 2012. Will a Nova or Stella Contestant get the first Necklace?

New server operational

Monday, May 14th, 2012

It’s been a busy few days since the weekend. With all the errors happening in the first 3 rounds, it was clear to us to have to move again to someplace larger. That move happened over the weekend and was actually in place Saturday night. We were watching things closely during Aquamarine 4 voting, but no crashes occurred, which is great news.

There were some reports of slowness, still, and during the busiest moments in the first 30 min, a vote might not have written to the database successfully. Adjustments will be made for Aqua5, since we have more resources to afford now.

The larger server means our annual operating costs have increased, and this is reflected on the donation page. We are still fully paid for ISML 2012, though, which is great. Thank you to everyone so far who have begun donating early to fund ISML 2013 next year. Our latest donor is superunature, his second gift to the project in the past year.

Thanks for all your patience and support; we’re working hard to make sure things run smoothly.

Opening rush

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

So far after three rounds, the first 90 minutes of each voting period is always our busiest. If you can afford to wait, please wait about two hours after voting begins before accessing the site. There is an entire 24-hour period available, and all votes count the same no matter when they are submitted.

That said, this week has shown us how much our participation has grown since last year, so we will be preparing for a server move at the end of Aquamarine Period or sooner. Hopefully the new location will have enough resources to support the rush that occurs at the start of the voting day, as ideally we should still stay online and not have to ask you to wait.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Database errors at voting start

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Sorry for the rough start to the season. Today when voting started, we had a database error that caused the site to go offline for about 40 minutes. We have restored capability enough for voting to continue today, but there will be more work done once polls have closed. If you regularly visit our forums, there may be moments of downtime while we investigate and repair the issue. Thank you very much for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

For now, let’s get back to voting!

Voting graphs available

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The images that show voting over time are now available on the main page. Regional maps are available, too, though we are working on correcting a typo with the Contestant names in the scripting. We apologize for the long delay.

In case you miss them entirely on the main page, all results are archived in the Statistics Portal. See Aquamarine results here:

Statistics updated

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Aquamarine 1 Statistics are now properly updated. ISML 2012 introduces partial points, which are awarded to losing Contestants in each match. VF/VA points are awarded, meaning that losing by 1 vote will earn 0.999 points. Losing by 1000 votes will earn much less.

We have removed the SoS column and the PB column from the ranking tables. The SoS column is redundant, because it has the same value as the Points column. Points are still alternatively referred to as a Contestant’s Strength of Schedule (SoS). Our SDO and SAO tiebreakers continue to be based on Points, which are changing a little bit this year with the partial points system. The PB column just took up space, as it simply was a subtraction operation to show how many points a Contestant was behind the leader.

The ranking table might appear to be flipped from the previous version (which was calculated using 2011 rules), but this is just the case during the first round of a Period. As more round results are factored in, the rankings will better represent which girls will make it to the Necklace Round .. and eventually the Postseason.

Thanks for your patience! Round 2 begins soon…

Statistics delayed

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Rankings are currently incorrect, as I have not implemented the fractional points that would be awarded starting this year. This was something not realized until late, so I apologize. The match results themselves are final, however.

I’ll post again when the rankings are done properly.

Welcome to Aquamarine

Friday, May 4th, 2012

We are a few days away from the start of the Regular Season. Thank you for your patience! The website is entering Aquamarine colors, and we have the match preview for Round 1 available on the voting page. Good luck to all of our Contestants!

This year we will be doing 2-vs-2 matches for Exhibition. And each day, we will have two of these matches. As always, exhibition matches are just for fun; they don’t count towards rankings or final standings. You will see both old and new faces in the exhibition, and even some Contestants may make an appearance. A lot of our matchups follow a theme, so try and guess at what they are when you see them.

Site-related stuff: updating contestant profiles is still in progress; we’re looking to finish them up just before matches begin on Sunday. Some character name translations are still in the works, too; please bear with us.

As always, don’t forget to register for our forum! The Space Opera project is always looking for new creative volunteers to try and illustrate the results of the tournament as a dramatic, intergalactic war. Art contests will be held later in the period to award the winners of our exhibition matches. And there’s always Fantasy to play, too, where you try to guess the winners of each round before results are released. Lots of things to do! We’re all excited about another great Regular Season coming up.

(If you’re subscribed to our voting updates feed – – sorry for the error this morning; we had a mixup in some scheduling parameters that caused a lot of entries to be printed by accident.)