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Extended voting for Day 3

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Voting is open an extra 3 hours to 18:00 GMT for Day 3. We were experiencing heavy lag earlier today, and some voters were unable to load the page.

Exhibition Tournaments 2013

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Voting is open again! As a special treat during the ISML off-season we have a series of exhibition tournaments starting today.

– ISML Male Edition
– ISML Touhou Tournament
– ISML 2013 Summer Seasonal Tournament
– ISML 2013 Autumn Sesaonal Tournament

The male tournament is in its third year; the main page shows our previous winners, Lelouch and Kirito. Today is Day 1 featuring Groups 1-8. Groups 9-16 will be featured on Day 2.

The Touhou tournament is new to ISML this year. There are 8 groups split over two days.

The Summer and Autumn seasonal tournaments are similar to the Winter and Spring tournaments held earlier in the year. This is a preview of what ISML 2014 has in store, as we feature the newest characters in exhibition matchups.

Enjoy the matches, and thanks for voting!