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Preliminary Period Complete

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Congratulations to the Candidates who have advanced to the Regular Season! Our full Contestant roster is now complete with the final 16 entrants into Nova Division.

It was a tough struggle through the final Phases, but the voters have decided. The winners move on to face the round-robin main tournament in hopes of getting into the Top 16 for the Postseason and the Heavenly Tiara.

Our losing Candidates have to go home for the year, but many have a chance to appear in Exhibition matches throughout the season. So please continue your support for all of your favorite girls and your true saimoe!

Thank you for voting and supporting our tournament. We take a few weeks’ break to prepare tournament schedules, enhance voting images, and update our Contestant profiles. Profiles for our newest Contestants will be ready ASAP. We are grateful for our volunteer team of writers on our forums to prepare awesome biographies and to research career histories for the website.

See you again soon!

Voting display

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

For Phase N-II, we are currently fixing the code that is returned when you submit your vote.

We have checked the database with several votes submitted by voters who reported to us, and their votes are all being recorded correctly. However, the “You voted” display on the left is inaccurate. But the BBcode/HTML/text code on the right is correct (although with the inclusion of a few ‘undefined’s).

No revote is necessary since your ballots are being recorded correctly, but we will correct this issue ASAP.

EDIT — code should now be correct (as of approx 17:00 GMT)