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Nominations ending soon!

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

As of this post, there are two days (plus some hours) remaining to submit your nominations! The form will close on 2015-03-15 00:00 UTC.

We hope you’ve enjoyed (without too much agony perhaps) selecting your list of girls and guys alike, sharing your nominations with the community, and spreading the word about ISML. If you haven’t decided just yet, there is still some time .. but not much left!

Results will typically be out within one or two weeks, as the counting process has a lot of manual steps to translate ballots and correct misspellings so all the names match up.

If you haven’t seen this year’s preview video by KholdStare, please check it out on the front page! Thank you for voting in ISML and rejoining us for 2015!

Nominations open

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Nominations for ISML 2015 are now open! The ballot form is here!

You have two weeks total to enter submissions, so there is plenty of time to prepare. You may only submit one time, so there is no rush at all. You cannot edit your nomination once it is submitted.

We have made another tweak to the nomination rules in the charter. We are allowing 14 slots for the Nova and Stella divisions now instead of 12. Hopefully this helps your decision-making! And the other adjustment is restricting to three anime franchises for the entire ballot. It used to be for both male and female, but we are not requiring that both male and female have nominations. You may pick just one .. or do a little in both.

There is some lightweight checking for nominating too few series, but the form cannot account for misspellings, so please double-check your ballot before submitting!

Translation functions are unavailable right now, but we’ll get them up ASAP. For now the ballot instructions are only in English. But you may fill in the blanks in any language. Our staff will translate your nominations afterwards. So if you are able to fill it out in English, please do so, as it helps us a lot!

The CAPTCHA will now inform you when an incorrect answer is given, so you may try again until you get it right.

Thank you, and good luck to all our Contestants-to-be!