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Winter Seasonal Voting

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

The Winter Seasonal tournament starts today alongside Preliminaries.

For these arenas, you may choose only one character each. It would be silly to choose both of them!

Because of a quirk in the code, if you have to change your vote in the Winter arenas, you must unselect your current vote first before selecting the new one.

Good luck to all our competitors!

Prelims have begun!

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

The Preliminary Period has now begun! After a long wait since Nominations we’re finally ready to vote and find out this year’s Regular Season Contestants!

Share our link to anyone who wants to participate!

This year we welcome the new male division. Also for today’s and Tuesday’s voting, you may choose up to 3 Candidates per arena. Today has groups 1-4 of each division, and Tuesday will have groups 5-8, so there are more characters to be seen!

For updates on voting announcements and results, we have an RSS feed ( and our Twitter account (

Happy voting! Thank you for being a part of ISML!