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Nominations Results are up!

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Go to this page to learn more about the characters who have made it to the Main Tournament and the Winter and Spring Seasonal Tournaments!

Also, the Seitokai has gotten an updated webpage for itself!

Time to Say Goodbye to 2012!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

First, a big congratulations to Kirigaya Kazuto who’s won this year’s Lapis Scepter in our second exhibition tournament! Despite the bonus exhibition tournament this year being focused on males, we also had a variety of other exhibition matches for all voters. We’re glad to say that the tournament turned out well, and we’re grateful to have your support even after this year’s International Saimoe 2012 has ended!

With the conclusion of the exhibition tournament, we have about two weeks before 2013 nominations start. The 2012 website you see will soon be archived, meaning we’ll be switching to 2013 mode soon, and you can start contributing banners to our 2013 banner rotation.

Nominations will begin January 1st, and will last for one week. The 2013 charter will be up soon, so please stick around for any additional news that’ll come soon. We’re looking forward to 2013, and we hope all our voters are too. Please enjoy the holidays until the new year approaches, where we hope everyone will be excited to nominate their favorite characters into the 2013 preliminary tournament! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you all when 2013 nominations are open!

Exhibition Tournament approaching

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Our exhibition male tournament begins on Tuesday. It will last nine voting days and follow the usual schedule pattern. The front page now shows our tournament bracket, starting with 96 characters. A series of 3-way matches will occur until the field is reduced to 32. And then 1-vs-1 matches will follow until a single champion remains.

Exhibition matches will be featured with additional males and even some guest female characters. If you don’t see a particular male you’re fond of in the bracket, maybe he’ll show up in exhibition! In the end, we do realize there are still far more characters available, but we unfortunately do not have the space to feature everybody. If this tournament is successful, we’ll aim to do better next time. For now, good luck to our competitors!

Our latest donors are ntaee and Z.G. Thank you very much for your contributions!

Daylight Saving

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Daylight Saving has no effect on ISML, which uses GMT as its official time.

However, the voting times may appear to change for you if you live in an area that observes DST. For example, in the United States (sans Arizona) the clock will jump forward one hour today, meaning that if voting rounds began at 10 AM last week, they will now start at 11 AM.

It is still 1500 GMT, though.

Hang in there, Japan

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Our thoughts go out to Japan in this critical time with the earthquake and tsunami. We hope and pray for everyone’s safety and regret the loss of life that has already occurred.

(ISML will continue as scheduled; the event has not caused delays for us.)

Yay, Twitter

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Thanks to everyone tweeting about us and sharing their votes on #ISML (and, alternatively #ISML2011 and also #saimoe). They’ve been very fun to read; we’re happy that interest in the tournament and our overall voter-base is growing and spreading worldwide.

Saimoe Illustrated

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

We have a lot of side projects going on to occupy our time between voting rounds. In addition to Fantasy and Space Opera, some of our community members have drafted mock magazine covers to detail the happenings in ISML. The following three are courtesy of amdrag:

Currently we have no articles, but interest is spreading on the forums to expand this idea. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

Few days left to nominate

Monday, January 4th, 2010

It’s Monday again and back to work for most of us after a nice Christmas + New Year’s break. Nominations have been steadily coming in since day one, and we’re excited. We’ve already surpassed our total number of submissions from last year, too, so our continuing growth is evident. The page will stay open until the end of January 7, so there’s still plenty of time to nominate and spread the word about ISML.

We expect to have results within a week after nominations close, and Round 1 of Preliminaries will start on January 31. More details to come.