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Necklace Round Revote

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Aquamarine Necklace Round (round 8) will be completely redone this Sunday.

More information at:


Dear all,
Due to severe technical difficulties arising from multiple sources, we were not able to give voters the full 24 hours of voting. Voters who voted in the first minutes of the match didn’t have the chance to exercise their right to secondary choice for the 7-character arena, except for the few who were following the news on some threads. Furthermore, there was an error in the 2-character exhibition arena and 7-character exhibition event scheduling, causing a character to appear twice in this round, which has potential to introduce unnecessary bias into voting. The Staff concluded that the only fair way to resolve all these issues is to re-vote on coming Sunday for the full 24 hours, with the 7-character exhibition event arena being changed to remove the case of a character appearing in multiple arenas. We apologize for the inconvenience and keeping you waiting for a few more days, but we hope you all understand that re-voting is probably the fairest thing to do. Please be patient as it may take up to 24 hours to make all the changes to ISML’s main pages.


Sehr geehrte Wähler,
aufgrund verschiedener technischer Schwierigkeiten waren wir nicht in der Lage unseren Wählern die kompletten 24 Stunden zum Abstimmen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Wähler, die bereits in den ersten Minuten abgestimmt hatten, waren nicht in der Lage in den Arenen mit sieben Charakteren für zwei Charaktere zu stimmen – mit Ausnahme einiger, die diese Informationen in diversen Threads erfahren haben. Außerdem erschien ein Charakter in zwei verschiedenen Exhibitions-Arenen (einer Arena für zwei Charaktere und in einer für sieben), was das Ergebnis unnötig verzerren könnte. Der Stab hat sich daher entschieden, dass eine Neuwahl am kommenden Sonntag für 24 Stunden die einzige faire Lösung ist. Dabei wird eine Exhibitions-Arena mit sieben Charakteren ausgetauscht, damit kein Charakter in mehreren Arenen erscheint. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten und die Verzögerungen um einige Tage, hoffen aber dabei, dass Ihr versteht, dass eine Neuwahl die wahrscheinlich fairste Lösung ist. Habt bitte Geduld, da es bis zu 24 Stunden dauern kann, bis alle Änderungen auf den ISML Seiten erfolgt sind.


이번 아쿠아마린 목걸이 대전 투표기간 중 여러 문제가 발생하여서 규정대로 투표장을 24시간동안 열어두지 못했습니다. 이 목걸이 대전중에 있는 7인전에서는 원래 투표자들이 최고 2명까지 선택할 수 있어야 하는데, 기술적 문제로 투표 시작한지 1시간 이내에 투표하신 분들은 7인전에서 한 명만 고를 수 있었습니다. 이러신 분들 중 대부분은 재투표에 대한 소식을 전달받지 못하여서 자신의 선택권중 일부를 활용하지 못하였습니다. 그리고, 시범 경기 배치에 실수가 있어서 한 인물이 두개 다른 시범경기에 나오게 되었습니다. 이런 많은 문제들에 대한 가장 합리적인 해결책은 재투표라 판단하여서 한국시간으로 월요일에 문제의 시범경기 조를 바꾼 후 재투표를 하려고 합니다. 이 일로 많은 심려와 불편을 끼친 것에 사과드립니다. 그리고 투표에 관한 website들을 수정하는데 최고 24시간이 걸릴 수 있으니 침착하게 기다려 주시면 감사하겠습니다. 궁금하신 것이 있으면 이 글의 답변을 통하며 알려 주시기 바랍니다.



Aquamarine underway

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

The Regular Season has kicked off! We thank our voters for waiting through the period following the Preliminaries while we prepared for the start of Aquamarine. A complete set of results for Round 1 is now available in the Statistics Portal; extra time was needed to process the new Male Division as well as the formatting of new stat values.

This year introduces PSAO and SS. We’re also announcing an amendment to our charter, as we had left off PSAO from the original draft. PSAO is about the same as last year’s SAO, but we multiply that value by the percentage of maximum points possible. The weighted SAO should be a better ranking metric. SS is the seeding score that we are using as experimentation to compare against the PSAO metric.

We apologize for the lengthy downtime during Round 1’s core voting hours. We extended voting for 5.5 hours past the normal end date to make up for the lost time. Staff will be more vigilant in checking the health of the server to make sure voting is available when it should be.

Thanks for voting!

CAPTCHA for today

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Throughout Aquamarine Period, we have been implementing various CAPTCHAs to help fight against multivotes and similar methods of cheating. The CAPTCHA is the “human verification” widget at the bottom of the voting ballot, which asks you either to type what you see or to answer a question. The goal is to ensure that votes come from real people and not scripted programs.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our community during these few weeks, so we are very appreciative. We’re proud to say this year’s vote-checking has been its best yet; it’s always our goal to deliver the most accurate results as all our Contestants make their journey towards the Tiara.

Today for the Aquamarine Necklace Showdown, we have made a few more adjustments to the CAPTCHA. The questions should be more compatible with mobile phone users and non-English voters. The voting ballot will no longer tell you to try again if your answer is incorrect. So please answer the question carefully and accurately before you submit your vote today. Only those ballots with a correct answer to the CAPTCHA question will be counted.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Good luck to our Contestants today! The Aquamarine Necklace is nigh!

Regular Season begins!

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Welcome back to ISML! Our Regular Season kicks off with Aquamarine Period, Round 1! Voting is now open.

Good luck to all our Contestants! Thanks to all our voters and supporters! We’re all looking forward to a great year.

Welcome to Regular Season!

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

While Aquamarine Period has ended, our Contestants still have a long battle ahead of them. With the conclusion of the first period in Regular Season, we’d like to congratulate Tachibana Kanade for her outstanding efforts in the League’s first set of matches! Despite the fact that the fight for the Aquamarine Necklace was very fierce, she managed to defend the Aquamarine Necklace and claim it two years in a row. We’d also like to acknowledge Aragaki Ayase, who, in a close exhibition match, won the Aquamarine Bracelet! Both Contestants this period worked hard with your support and managed to stand on top, but they both still have a long way to go as we head deeper into Regular Season.

And with that, we’ll be taking a short break as we prepare for Amethyst Period, resuming on May 14th. As you’re waiting to support your favorite girls for Amethyst, feel free to visit our forums and discuss with other fellow voters about the season so far! Thanks so much for a successful Aquamarine Period this year, and we hope you continue to support your favorites until the very end!

2013 PV Released

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The 2013 regular season PV is now on the front page. Our in-house staff was not able to produce one this year, but thankfully we found a group of volunteers who were able to make an amazing video. We’re pleased to share it, so please enjoy it and leave comments on the YouTube page.

Thanks for everyone’s patience, dedication, and cooperation!

The Necklace Showdown for Aqumarine Period is later this week, so the PV arrives still in good time. We hope you are all excited as we are!

Thank you for voting in ISML.

Aquamarine Completed

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Congratulations to Tachibana Kanade for winning the Aquamarine Necklace! Honma Meiko is also recognized with the Aquamarine Bracelet from the exhibition inter-division Contestant matchup.

We’ve had an excellent turnout in voting rounds this Period. Things started off slowly when we hit server limits, but since our move after Round 3, we’re happy to see everything running smoothly. Thank you to all the voters.

This coming week is our regularly scheduled break as we set up for Amethyst Period. Matchups will be released on Friday. Stay updated to news and community content on this blog, our voting times feed, our forum, our Twitter account, or the Facebook group.

On our donation page, we have added widgets for If you do a lot of online shopping, please consider using the widgets on our website, as we will earn commission for sales. This is a convenient way for you to support the site without any extra cost to yourself, and you are still getting the same products and services from Amazon and other vendors we have listed.

Statistics delayed

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Rankings are currently incorrect, as I have not implemented the fractional points that would be awarded starting this year. This was something not realized until late, so I apologize. The match results themselves are final, however.

I’ll post again when the rankings are done properly.

Welcome to Aquamarine

Friday, May 4th, 2012

We are a few days away from the start of the Regular Season. Thank you for your patience! The website is entering Aquamarine colors, and we have the match preview for Round 1 available on the voting page. Good luck to all of our Contestants!

This year we will be doing 2-vs-2 matches for Exhibition. And each day, we will have two of these matches. As always, exhibition matches are just for fun; they don’t count towards rankings or final standings. You will see both old and new faces in the exhibition, and even some Contestants may make an appearance. A lot of our matchups follow a theme, so try and guess at what they are when you see them.

Site-related stuff: updating contestant profiles is still in progress; we’re looking to finish them up just before matches begin on Sunday. Some character name translations are still in the works, too; please bear with us.

As always, don’t forget to register for our forum! The Space Opera project is always looking for new creative volunteers to try and illustrate the results of the tournament as a dramatic, intergalactic war. Art contests will be held later in the period to award the winners of our exhibition matches. And there’s always Fantasy to play, too, where you try to guess the winners of each round before results are released. Lots of things to do! We’re all excited about another great Regular Season coming up.

(If you’re subscribed to our voting updates feed – – sorry for the error this morning; we had a mixup in some scheduling parameters that caused a lot of entries to be printed by accident.)

Aquamarine Concluded

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Congratulations to Misaka Mikoto for winning the 2011 Aquamarine Necklace. This concludes Aquamarine Period, and Topaz will begin in about a week on Tuesday. The match preview for Topaz 1 will be available Friday along with the website skin changing to Topaz colors.

Hatsune Miku also wins the Aquamarine Bracelet for her performance in this Period’s exhibition matches. A different piece of jewelry will be awarded each Period to recognize the best competitors in the exhibition setting. As always, this is separate from the main tournament, but we hope you enjoy the matches and posters as they come; we are always excited about showcasing new characters and learning about how the world rates their moe potential.

Our Exhibition Gallery continues to update each match day, and now translations are available as well as a poster gallery for the Period winners.

Voting for the Topaz Seitokai has begun on our forum. The Seitokai program has been very entertaining in the past few weeks and well received by our community. We look forward to the new leadership for Topaz Period.

Finally, a belated but huge thank you to Elouda, our latest donor. His humbling gift puts us very nearly at our financial goal for 2012, and the Regular Season has only barely started. The staff and community appreciate it very much.