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Aquamarine over

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Congratulations to the winner of the Aquamarine Necklace, Akiyama Mio!

Aqua7 had the greatest amount of voter participation yet; thanks to all for giving this Period an appropriate grand finale. With multiple Contestants at a 7-0 record, the tiebreaker came down to SDO (Strength of Defeated Opponents). It’s a good demonstration of how our statistics are calculated; the overall performance of one will depend on the success of others in addition to her own.

We’ll take a break this week until Topaz 1 on Sunday; the match preview will be available on Friday.

In addition, all of our Contestant biographies should be up to date with 2009 information. Thanks for your patience. (For any corrections or suggestions, please comment.)

Site updates

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Aquamarine page is now ready; all results from the Period will be stored in there. Similar pages for future Periods will appear when their time arrives. Cumulative statistics for the whole season are viewable on the main Statistics page.

Some clarifications were needed on the 2010 Charter to reflect the extra seeding matches that occured during the Preliminaries in addition to describing part of the Regular Season tiebreaker process in more detail. Nothing major was affected in this update.

The Rules FAQ has a few statements regarding the Regular Season statistics and how we define Strength of Schedule (SoS) and other indices.

Character biographies are steadily being updated this week with current statistics and tournament information. A page archiving all the exhibition competitors is in development.

Today we received a new donation. Thank you, Snape!

Aquamarine 1 Preview, plus Contestant Bios

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The wait is almost over! We’re two days away from the start of ISML 2010’s Regular Season — get excited!

The match preview for Aquamarine 1 is now available. It includes one Exhibition Match at the end in Arena 26; we’ll have a different exhibition matchup every Round in addition to our regular round-robin shuffling of our fifty Contestants.

The same basic rules apply: vote in at least 8 arenas, voting stays open for 24 hours with results coming out 12 hours after voting closes. Please check our Charter and Constitution for further details, or ask a question here or on the forums.

The Contestant biographies should all be available, but we are still behind on updating everybody’s statistics. We have some staff members on the project, but we are open to new volunteers who’d like to help as well. Profiles such as Shana or Haruhi are more complete, and you can use theirs as an idea to how to populate our other biography pages.

Thanks for your patience!