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.moe Shortlink

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

We have registered which anyone can use as a shortlink to our website.

Also available is which will take you directly to our voting page. But don’t forget to read the featured match previews on our front page! We are grateful to our community volunteers who work on these writeups every day.

For more information about getting your own .moe domain, visit

The Emerald Necklace Showdown begins today, so good luck to our Contestants!

The Conclusion to Emerald Period!

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

With a fierce and gruesome battle, we can finally conclude Emerald Period with some very close calls as our necklace match was very intense even to the very end. With a second necklace going to the way of a Nova contestant, a big congratulations to Takanashi Rikka who narrowly claimed the Emerald Necklace as her own even though there was much support for Misaka Mikoto. The two fought a very tough battle but we still have one last necklace up for grabs before our Regular Season is over, and that is the Topaz Necklace.

But we’d also like to congratulate Last Order for her win of the Emerald Anklet and gaining much support in her exhibition match-up. As we begin to transition towards our last Regular Season of the year, please take the time to stop by and discuss at the ISML Forums¬†with other voters how you think ISML 2013 has gone so far. We’d also like to thank all of our voters for staying with us even as we encounter occasional server errors and downtime; we’re working very hard to ensure that voting goes smoothly for everyone as our tournaments grow larger every year.

Stick with us as we go into Topaz Period, and good luck to all contestants who have yet to claim a necklace of their own. Even without a necklace, a larger prize awaits the top 16 contestants for each division as we take a step closer to Postseason: the 2013 Heavenly Tiara.

Finished with Emerald Period!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

A belated post regarding Emerald Period’s completion, which has finished smoothly, but we’re left with only a single period before our Regular Season ends. And with that, we’d like to congratulate Eucliwood Hellscythe, who managed to stay on top and worked hard to obtain the Emerald Necklace, and to Kasugano Sora for her successful victory in her exhibition inter-division matchup that has earned her the Emerald Anklet!

In regards to the change this year, we’ve replaced the Emerald Ring with the Anklet which originally belonged to the Diamond Period as both Diamond and Sapphire have been removed from our Regular Season. If there’s any confusion about this, feel free to leave a comment or post in our IRC channel¬†(or Forums) and we’ll do our best to clear things up.

Thank you everyone for your continual support, and let’s hope for a successful Topaz Period!

Mikoto Poster and Donation Goal

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

After considering feedback from the community, we have updated the Ruby Necklace poster this year for Misaka Mikoto. Please view the updated poster as well as other posters in our Winners Gallery.

Thanks to our new sales widget, we have met our donation goal for ISML 2013. Thanks so much to everyone who shopped from our website; we were able to earn a portion of the sale and put it into the website fund. In retrospect, this is a much better way to maintain our site, as it does not require direct money from our community. You get to shop for personal items and support ISML at the same time. We have closed our PayPal donations in favor of the affiliate sales widgets. While we are paid through the end of next year, please continue to consider our site if you are shopping online; recommend us new affiliates if you know any!

Emerald Period has been going smoothly; thanks to everyone for voting.

Emerald Concluded

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Congratulations to Aisaka Taiga for winning the 2011 Emerald Necklace! The Regular Season is starting to wind down, and time is running out to secure a spot in the Top 16 for the Postseason. On our overall rankings table, those Contestants highlighted in red unfortunately have missed the opportunity this year; however, we still wish the best of luck for them in securing wins in the remaining 14 rounds. At this point, nobody at the top of the list is locked into the Top 16, though it is estimated to happen around Ruby 4.

Voting for Ruby Period, Round 1 will begin on Tuesday, August 23. Match previews will be available on Sunday. Two Necklaces remain as the competition gets more fierce.

Our exhibition winner this Period is Remilia Scarlet, who wins the Emerald Ring. Congratulations! Ruby and Diamond Period exhibitions will feature new faces in all Rounds.

Thank you for voting!

Emerald Period

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Welcome to Emerald Period. The match preview for Round 1 is now available on the voting page. Voting will begin on Sunday at 15:00 GMT.

Emerald over

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Congratulations to Shana for winning the Emerald Necklace; she becomes the second Contestant to win a Necklace in two consecutive Periods (Haruhi was first in 2008 with the Ruby and Diamond Necklaces). Her total Necklace count is 4.

Ruby Period begins next week. We are nearing the end of the regular season; thanks to everyone for voting and staying with us.