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Gender/age correction

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

The numbers reported for demographics (gender/age) of voters on Day 2 and Day 3 this Period were incorrect. Typo in the spreadsheet. So if you keep up with those numbers, please check them again and update your data. Day 3 results are still on the front page tonight.

For Day 2 and archived results, please visit the Statistics Portal.

Also, maps and charts for Day 3 voting are now available. Sorry for the wait. Maps and graphs may be delayed for future rounds, but the results themselves are still planned to be on time.

Vote maps corrected

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

There was an error with the generation of vote maps for this round’s results (Division Finals, Day 2), but it has now been corrected. The maps on the website currently are the correct ones; we apologize for the confusion.

Winners’ Bracket 1 on Tuesday

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Apologies for my last statement in the previous news entry. We do have matches on Tuesdays. I was still thinking of last year’s schedule when I wrote that we didn’t. So the next match starts at the usual time on Tuesday just like in Regular Season. We have three matches per week until the last week, which does have Tuesday off while we prepare for the Championship match.

Results of the Preliminary Round are out tonight! Congratulations to the 8 who advance. For the other 8, hope is not yet lost, for there is still a path to the Championship Round at the end of the Losers’ Bracket. The results page also has a new addition: by clicking on the globe icons next to each arena result, you can view a map of the world listing the vote distributions for each character by country.