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Phase III overview

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

The pools for Phase III, Round 1, are now available on our Contestants and Candidates Portal. These groupings are valid for Round 1 only. After we process votes and announce winners, new pools will be generated for Round 2 (after eliminating some Candidates).

Phase III is a free-for-all tournament (you may also want to call it a “deathmatch”) involving pools of eight Candidates in each round. You can select up to three Candidates in each pool during voting. Don’t forget this!

In Round 1, 112 Candidates are shuffled into fourteen pools.
The top five Candidates in each pool (plus two more who received high votes) advance to Round 2. The rest are eliminated.
In Round 2, 72 Candidates are shuffled into nine new pools.
The top five Candidates in each pool (plus three more) advance to Round 3. The rest are eliminated.
In Round 3, 48 Candidates are shuffled into six new pools.
The top three Candidates in each pool advance to the Regular Season. The rest are eliminated.

So Phase III is where we will be saying farewell to some Candidates for the year. It is the last chance for the runner-ups (as well as some special underdogs) from Phases I and II to make it to the Regular Season. Choose wisely, and good luck to all our competitors!

ISML 2011 Charter with detailed rules
Phase III Results Page to be filled in as information becomes available

Site updates

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Aquamarine page is now ready; all results from the Period will be stored in there. Similar pages for future Periods will appear when their time arrives. Cumulative statistics for the whole season are viewable on the main Statistics page.

Some clarifications were needed on the 2010 Charter to reflect the extra seeding matches that occured during the Preliminaries in addition to describing part of the Regular Season tiebreaker process in more detail. Nothing major was affected in this update.

The Rules FAQ has a few statements regarding the Regular Season statistics and how we define Strength of Schedule (SoS) and other indices.

Character biographies are steadily being updated this week with current statistics and tournament information. A page archiving all the exhibition competitors is in development.

Today we received a new donation. Thank you, Snape!

Round results, donation, voting notice

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Day 2 results are now out. Points and graphs are updated. You can still view Day 1 results on the preliminaries page.

Today we received a second donation from zmjhgvn. Thanks so much for your continued generosity! Our annual fees are roughly $350 per year, so we’re making great progress.

We’re very glad that so many people are participating in our tournament, but we must remind everyone about the rules — most importantly: no cheating.

Specifically, you are allowed only one vote. But we have noticed cases like the above where the rules are clearly not being followed. Multivoting is very obvious and will never be tolerated. Voters will be banned for such abuse. It really doesn’t help your Candidate either.

Eligibility and other site updates

Friday, December 25th, 2009

EDIT (12/29) – This issue has been revisited and updated in this post:

If you’ve been noticing changes on the site throughout the day, I apologize for not reporting about it until now. There was a lot to do, and I’m glad I found the time to address everything, one page at a time. Now it’s time to review what I did.

Our Constitution has been ratified and can be found here. Also, the draft of the 2010 Annual Charter is now available for your preview; a few more tweaks will be needed before we can make it official. I also need to add more series and studios to the list; community members on the forums have been helping me out, and I appreciate it. :)

The biggest update to the Constitution before it became final was the eligibility requirements in Article III. The last version was not clear on characters who had both male and female forms. For characters like Natsuru from Kampfer or Ranma from Ranma 1/2, their female forms will be accepted, and their male halves will simply not exist in ISML. This distinction be important when determining series impact and significance, which is another eligibility requirement.

A clause regarding humanoid appearance and anthropomorphic qualities was added.

After much debate among the entire Staff, we have concluded that eligible characters for the Preliminary Rounds, Regular Season, and Postseason (i.e. Candidates and Contestants) must come from anime produced by a registered studio and distributed on a large commercial scale. What this results in is the removal of characters in the Tōhō Musō Kakyō OVA from Candidate-eligibility consideration in 2010. They are not out of the scene completely, though, because they are still Competitor-eligible, which means they could appear in our Exhibition Matches held throughout the year.

Because of this removal, we also have to void the results of the ISML Relegation Tournament held at the end of the 2009 season. The tournament was an entry point into the 2010 Preliminaries for Contestants who performed below-average in 2009, but Hakurei Reimu’s participation in it causes an inconsistency with our recent ruling. Simply removing her scores (while keeping the others) would not solve the problem either, since we can’t guarantee the final rankings would be the same. And without the time or resources to redo Relegation, we believe and have decided it’s best to drop Relegation altogether. Our Constitution and Charter have been updated to reflect this action and ensure that such an inconsistency will not happen again.

To summarize: Kawasumi Mai, Kurata Sayuri, Tsukimiya Ayu, and Misaka Mikoto must be nominated next week in order for them to have a chance at advancing to the Preliminary Rounds (and then the Regular Season). They no longer have automatic entry.

As for the remaining updates, you can see that new pages have been added to the menu bar at the top of the screen. The Rules page now has an FAQ that will steadily grow throughout the year. We understand that the Constitution and Charter are perhaps 11 pages of combined reading you might not necessarily have time for, so the FAQ will be crafted to explain the most important things in the most concise way when you’re in a hurry. However, please give our full-length documents a chance when you can, as they have been written to ensure that we do things thoroughly, properly, and precisely.

Our Staff page has been updated to make everyone’s assignments known .. and also to give us a chance to remember our good friend mokuhazushi, who did so much for our tournament but then had to leave to fight a battle with cancer, which he unfortunately lost earlier this year in August. We miss him a lot, and we have since been working hard in his memory to keep ISML running.

The voting arena is set up with our nominations page ready to go when New Year’s Day arrives. Thanks to everyone who helped beta-test the form earlier in the month. The form will open up at 0000 GMT, January 1 and last for 7 days. Tell everyone you know to get his or her nominations in!

Finally we were able to add Google Translate to our site. The drop-down menu on the right of the menu bar has a long list of available languages for you to explore our site with. The one obtrusive thing it does is create mouseover highlights on all the text. This would be fine for a light-background site, but instead we’re a dark-background site. I’ll continue investigating the script and try to work around that, but for now you can still enjoy ISML in exotic tongues such as Swahili and Icelandic.

Merry Christmas everyone, and we’re about one week away from the start of ISML 2010. The anticipation is rising. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

Constitution draft

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Our rules draft has been updated. The primary addition is the humanoid/anthropomorphic clause to the list of criteria for Competitor eligibility.

Also added to the site is the draft of our Constitution.

Still missing is the 2010 Charter, a secondary set of rules to complement the Constitution and fill in the blanks. A draft will be online soon for your preview before the Staff finalizes it.

Nomination Rules Draft Excerpt

Monday, December 14th, 2009

With 2010 drawing ever closer, we understand that it’s important for you, the voters, to have a chance to get familiar with the tournament rules before we kickoff. The Staff is making very good progress in finalizing our rules for 2010, but we are not quite ready just yet to release all of them.

However, I can at least offer a preview — an excerpt of the portion that pertains to the nominations coming up in about two weeks. You can read it on our under-construction rules page:

What you see is tentative, but it is nearly complete. And more will come before the end of 2009.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’re all excited about the coming year.