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Hiatus on space maps

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Our artist for the space opera maps has been (and still is) on travel, so we apologize for their unavailability since Sapphire 4. We should not be dropping the project, so they will be completed when he returns.

For those who don’t know, the space opera project is a fun visualization of ISML match results and rankings. Archived maps can be found in each Period’s respective pages (this is Aquamarine‘s, for example). They contain no new information by themselves, so you can still follow everybody’s vote totals and rankings by reading the regular tables.

Thanks for your support, and enjoy Emerald Period!

Preliminary groups released

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

We have released the groupings for Phase I of the Preliminary Period. See them on the front page or here.

Phase I will be a round-robin tournament in each of the 14 groups. Each Candidate will face two other Candidates in the group per Round. This will take 4 Rounds to complete, but we’re spreading the matches out over 6 days to make it a bit easier on everyone.

Phases II and III will have different groupings. Please review our Charter or the Rules FAQ for more details.

The emblems next to each Candidate are representations of the series or franchises in which she is involved. They serve a greater role in our Space Opera project, a community-run “unofficial storyline” of sorts for ISML. More information on this may be available later if we continue to pursue the idea; for now you can view or join in on the brainstorming on our Forum.

Additionally, we have an ISML Fantasy competition going on in the Forum. If you think you’re good at predicting the winners of each round, come join us!